Flowers for a Winter Wedding

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By, Caitlyn Bradley, Banquet Manager, Ram’s Head Inn

Flowers are an important part of every wedding, signifying life, beauty, and new beginnings. That makes the choice of flowers for your ceremony also very important. Here are a few things to keep in mind: First, your options will depend on both the season and where you live. But even if you’re having a winter wedding, you will have a wide selection of available flowers to choose from. I’m assuming that anyone reading this is in the New Jersey/New York/Connecticut Tri-State area and has access to great vendors like Crest Florist and Betina’s at Parkview.
Fortunately, wedding favorites like Roses, Lilies, and Gerber Daisies are available all year long. Even popular tropical flowers like orchids and amaryllis are available in the dead of winter from greenhouse garden nurseries or imported from warmer climes. But why fight the season? Consider going with a holiday theme for your flowers, choosing Poinsettias and holly, for example, for your winter wedding. (That could make for an interesting boutonniere!)
A good florist can provide lots of help in choosing your flowers, and in making sure they are top quality, so they’ll look fresh and lovely as long as possible. That will help you and your guests appreciate your lovely floral arrangements no matter what the season.



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