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Outdoor Ceremonies amongst the Natural Beauty of Our Estate

Imagine looking into the eyes of the one you are to marry, exchanging your vows as all of your loved ones and closest friends look on. You stand in a beautiful meadow with picturesque centuries-old trees, streams, ponds and gently curving walking paths and bridges all around—in the background a grand French chateau stands, with all the historic fine details as though out of a storybook. In the gentle quiet, but for the singing of birds, surrounded warmly by nature and history and love, you begin a life together with your soulmate.

An outdoor wedding at Pleasantdale Chateau is a unique experience–one that cannot quite be described or found elsewhere. The way the light reflects off the water, the sun peeks through the trees, and the beautiful view is revealed ahead of you as you walk down the aisle. It’s a truly blissful event to experience.

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    Indoor Ceremonies in the Grandeur of Our Arboretum Conservatory

    Our new Arboretum Conservatory is an extraordinary indoor setting designed as the ideal backdrop in which to share your wedding vows, surrounded by your beloved family and cherished friends. 

    Directly adjoining our main chateau, this captivating structure offers a separate and unique ceremony space that seamlessly flows from the first welcome to guests upon entering.  Before being ushered to their seats, visitors get an exciting preview of the charm and wonder that our chateau has to offer as they pass through our verdant l’Orangerie, on past our iconic indoor Pool Room, and along the ceremony entryway that teases the approaching reveal of the vaulted Arboretum Conservatory itself.  

    Capable of accommodating hundreds guests, this grand structure was built in commemoration of the 160th anniversary of our arboretum, farm, and orchards with a design that embraced the beauty, history, and natural grandeur of our estate. 

    This ambitious project was the result of an intensive five-year planning and renovation effort of this never-before-publicly-seen portion of our estate, expanding and further elevating the amenities available to our guests.  

    Surrounded by the natural beauty of our grounds and woodlands, with light streaming-in from its massive skylight and multitude of windows, the Arboretum Conservatory creates a setting that connects you to the beauty of nature while ensconcing you in the comforts of an indoor setting, year-round.  Knowing that our outdoor ceremonies are so sought-after for the splendor of their serene natural surroundings, we set our goal on creating an interior environment just as inspiring. 

    With the mission of honoring the historical and architectural uniqueness of the chateau itself, great pains were taken to ensure that every aspect of the Arboretum Conservatory aimed to maintain the original charm, character, and authenticity of experience throughout Pleasantdale Chateau. 

    The Arboretum Conservatory’s soaring two-story ceiling is supported by an intricate array of massive natural wood timbers and assembled with traditional timber frame construction and joinery. 

    Nearly every element of the project incorporated natural and environmentally responsible materials of the highest quality.  Quite literally, much like the chateau was itself over a century ago, this space was constructed of the finest hand-crafted materials sourced from across the globe. Hand-cast terra-cotta tiles from the hills of Tuscany adorn the ceiling, utilizing much the same clay and techniques as those used for the ceiling of the famed Duomo in the 15th century.  Similarly, massive imported European stone tiles at cathedral scale lay under-foot as you walk down the aisle. Even down to the finest of details, attention was paid to sourcing the finest goods from the talents of old-world craftsmen. As one small example, as a subtle symbolism to only the keenest of eyes, adorning our antique iron chandeliers are delicate wooden wedding bells individually hand-carved, which we commissioned from a seasoned woodworker from a small village workshop in Italy.  

    Also innate in the design aspirations was the adaptive reuse of not only the existing structure, but also the robust age-old materials from which it was built.  Beautiful old-growth timbers were saved, reclaimed and repurposed to maintain the rich character of the woods and charming patina that only time can lend.  Historical elements were integrated from locations across the estate and from the family ownership’s private collections. 

    Further deeply rooting the Conservatory to the Arboretum which surrounds it, the project integrated the estate’s own present-day natural resources, milling lumber from our own trees, as part of our careful woodlands management program. 

    These things we pursued not only for responsible design, adaptive reuse, and careful land resource management, but because they bring a truly distinctive beauty and depth of authenticity to your experience at our estate. 

    This project would also not be complete without the contributions of our own talented team of in-house artisans who were responsible for many aspects of the finer details. From our woodworker to our upholster, and on to our blacksmith who hand-forged many elements of the ironwork accent pieces that adorn the Arboretum Conservatory, the meaningfulness of these labors of love is so very close to home for us. 

    True to the Conservatory’s name, and to further commemorate this new chapter in the estate’s long and storied history, the occasion was also commemorated with the planting of many new trees and the re-introduction of other native specimens that now stand just within view through the Arboretum Conservatory windows. 

    The Conservatory also boasts its own stone courtyard highlighted by a working antique wine press and a bell tower with a functioning bell, truly integrating this new space with the grounds of the Chateau and fully establishing itself as undeniably authentic experience, ideal for an unforgettably unique wedding ceremony.

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