Testimonials & Thank Yous

All of our staff at Pleasantdale Chateau know that our one goal for each and every wedding that we host is to make our bridal couple and their guests’ day perfect. We continually strive for excellence in providing extremely professional service while still creating a fun and worry-free environment for our bride and groom. Below are the most recent reviews written directly by previous couples as posted on The Knot. We also welcome you to visit The Knot or any other review sites to read even more of the glowing feedback from those who have celebrated with us.


“We have toured 50+ venues until we saw and fell in love with Pleasantdale. Get married there!! Our wedding at Pleasantdale was perfect from start to finish – beyond our wildest dreams. We were treated like celebrities. Months later we still get texts and calls from guests (as well as people who didn’t attend but heard about it) raving about the best wedding they’ve ever been to. My husband’s grandma can’t stop talking about our wedding and calls it one of the best events in her entire life. The venue is breathtaking inside and out, from the rustic chateau to the all encompassing grounds for any wedding theme imaginable (water/pool, forest, rustic, greenhouse, fairytale, etc) – you won’t run out of photo ops. As someone who toured over 50 wedding venues I truly hope this review will save you some time and pain.We got married at Pleasantdale this spring. And every day since I wish I could go back to that day. If I have to name 5 best decisions of my entire life – choosing Pleasantdale was definitely one of them. I do really wish we saw Pleasantdale first or only saw Pleasantdale (for obvious reasons) because it checked all the boxes (year-round gorgeous grounds, a charming rustic European/American golden age chateau, fairytale wedding ceremony options – both indoors and outdoors, raving reviews/reputation, INCREDIBLE food (cocktails AND entrees), and most importantly, the BEST team/family you’d ever work with). We saw venues across Long Island, NYC, NJ & CT prior to Pleasantdale (it was a long difficult, painful 7-month journey). See photo proof of wedding brochures collected along the way. Had we seen Pleasantdale first it would have saved us the 50 trips touring other wedding venues. If you do the math, it’s a minimum 1-2 hours getting to/from venues, then about 1 hour at each venue. 50x that… I don’t think I could fully articulate the pain.From saying yes to Pleasantdale to our wedding day it was just shy of 4 months. We were so blessed to work with the nicest, most talented, most professional people who love what they do and are passionate about making the day the perfect day for every couple.From the bottom of my heart I want to thank Fred (the venue manager) who was a miracle worker. Without him we wouldn’t have had this wedding, and most definitely not a wedding at all because any sane person would have given up after seeing so many places and feeling let down. Fred is basically someone I could trust my life with. From day one Fred gets it, makes it happen, and has this rare natural ability to make anyone feel at ease (I was a hot mess) because he’s already got the flawless wedding figured out! A breeze to work with, Fred was honest, patient, and took great care of us.Santiago, Santiago, Santiago. How much more can I love you? Santiago was our Maître d. Boy did he know how to throw a party! Santiago knew what we liked before we even did. His passion and dedication to the couples is his secret sauce.Tori (the banquet captain AND best wedding advisor) was kind and supportive from the moment I met her. She had a great eye for things. I trusted Tori’s taste way more than my own. The day of our wedding Tori checked on us throughout the day making sure we were well taken care of and having the best time. Tori also worked her magic, along with Bryant, to make the day run as smoothly as it did. Everyone, RUNNNNNN to Pleasantdale and book your wedding there!!!”

Miriam L

We had our wedding at the Pleasantdale Chateau last weekend and we couldn’t have asked for a better venue. The place itself is already beautiful and the staff were all fantastic and beyond expectations. From meeting with Fred who made us feel comfortable when we first went to see the venue, with Dawn helping with making sure we were all on the same page on the day of the wedding, Santiago who honestly is the main reason the whole day ran so smoothly, to Bryant and his staff making sure the reception ran beautifully (also the food was fantastic- my guests couldn’t stop talking about it), Anjalie who was my husband’s attendant and made sure him and the groomsmen were taken care of, and last but most importantly Lizbeth. Lizbeth was the highlight of my wedding day, she was a BIG help, and I can’t express how much my bridal party, my family, and myself appreciated her for all she did for us on my wedding day. She is truly the BEST. My guests and family had a great time and please if you’re looking for a wedding venue to exceed your expectations for your wedding. Have it at the Pleasantdale Chateau!

Rachel B


f you want the most perfect, amazing, stress free wedding day – have your wedding at the Pleasantdale Chateau. From day 1 of simply touring the chateau we were speechless. All the planning, every single person we came into contact with was better than the next. Our wedding day was the best day of our lives, everything we wanted and more and because of the amazing staff we were able to enjoy every second with no worries. There was not a detail out of place, the staff at Pleasantdale will leave you speechless. Special shout-out to Fred, his daughter, Santiago, Dawn, Beatrice, Angelique (and soooo many more) for going above and beyond from day one all the way til we packed our cars and drove off the next day. The food? Never had better. Guests having been raving about our wedding from the staff to the food to the decor & ambiance since they stepped foot on the grounds. If you are questioning if you should book here, no more questions stop and book (and please invite us so we can experience a wedding here LOL) You will not regret it for a single minute!

Carla C


If you have read any of the other reviews for this place, then you know what I am going to say. We got married at Pleasantdale Chateau a month ago and still cannot believe how perfect of a day it was. There is too much to say about how amazing the staff, the food, the scenery, and everything else was, and that probably wouldn’t even do it justice. The staff understands what a momentous occasion your day is, and are honestly all miracle workers. From when Fred first takes you through the grounds, to your meeting with Santiago and Bryant, all the way up to the day itself, you are in great hands. Dawn and Hilda kept in contact with us all the way leading up to the wedding, never letting us feel out of the loop. On the day of the wedding Tori and our two attendants Anjalie and Melissa were so attentive, helpful, and on top of everything. We honestly don’t think we could have survived the day without them. Both our families, our bridal party, and all of our guests were beyond taken care of. There was no “we had a lovely time” it was only “this is amazing, this is the best wedding I’ve ever been to.” The food, the service, every detail was raved about.  I imagine every other Bride and Groom think the same thing we did when driving home the morning after, and that was “there is no other venue that could have possibly been this perfect.”

Marissa T


A Father’s Dream and A Daughter’s Fairytale Come True at Pleasantdale 

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…” I sing this song as I drive down Chestnut Street to Red Bank Catholic High School. I have been doing this with my daughter for three years now.

“You have everything?” I ask as she reaches for the car door handle.

“Uh huh,” she answers. She leans over and gives me a peck on the cheek.

“Have a great day, Princess; make a difference!” I tell her and she is out the door.

She is already going through the door by the time I can give her one of our little waves one last time. She is a junior now and this will be the last year I will drive her to school first thing in the morning. I think about that as she enters the school.

“We have been doing this for years, Princess,” I tell myself while other cars and buses pull in. “Just you and I in the car on the way to school in the morning.” The old gray Volvo station wagon, the singing of chestnuts roasting, the hurried pecks on the cheek, the little waves. I realize that after this June, I will not be dropping you off at school and praying as you walk from the car. “Watch over her Lord. Keep her safe.” The same prayer I have prayed on thousands of mornings. When did you grow up? When did I start calling you Princess? That was years ago on the day that you were born and I held you in my arms and said, “Welcome, Princess.”

It was also then that I began continuously thinking about all the milestones that you will experience in your life, in particular, your wedding day. I would think, “Would it be fit for a princess…a Disney princess?”

That was my dream for you, a royal, fairytale wedding. My concern was could I make this a reality? Is there even such a place that could make this dream come true?

I remember and think about these concerns and this dream as I am driving down Eagle Rock Avenue on a bright April morning in 2017. My daughter, now 30, is engaged to be married. We are yet again, visiting another possible venue. It was our eighth, I think. I lost track. All in the effort of achieving the dream. At this point, we have looked in all of New Jersey and even New York City and nothing had yet been able to inspire the vision, the dream, or us.

As I drove through the beautiful gatehouse entrance at 757 Eagle Rock Avenue, I immediately became excited. This only intensified as I drove down the magnificent winding, scenic road of trees, bridges and lake property. I thought I was entering a royal castle. Then we pulled around the corner and were awe-inspired by the beautiful flower garden on our left and the magnificent estate on our right; an estate that I would call from that point onward, “The Castle.” I would come to love both. It was absolutely stunning.

I looked at my pretty wife of 32 years and said, “Could this be the place?” And as beautiful as the grounds and the exterior of the Pleasantdale Chateau are, we had not yet experienced the best of it.

We then walked into Pleasantdale for the first time to meet Mr. Fred Fogg, the Director of Pleasantdale. Let me first tell you, I wish everyone could experience walking into Pleasantdale Chateau for the first time. It was such an incredible awe-inspiring experience filled with so much character, beauty and fascination. It is a vision that I will never forget.

Mr. Fogg took us on an amazing, very detailed tour of this simply breathtaking estate that lasted over an hour. He was incredibly patient in answering all of our questions and addressing our concerns. He did not know it at that point, but I had fallen head over heels in love with the property and the estate (AKA, “The Castle”) the moment I entered the exquisite entrance hall, and it had grown steadily throughout the tour. It had everything we had dreamed of for my daughter’s wedding. The best part? We still had not experienced the best of it yet.

While Fred exemplified the utmost professionalism, knowledge and business acumen, I assure you it never once interrupted his genuine care for my daughter, her experience as a bride, and the integrity of the event and Pleasantdale Chateau. It was clear from the start that he and his team’s goal was to ensure the whole wedding process was unforgettable for my daughter, with a distinction that only Pleasantdale Chateau could provide. That is exactly what they did for the whole 18 months of her engagement.

When Fred Fogg, Pleasantdale Chateau, and I came to terms and agreement and we booked it as our choice for the venue, both parties had responsibilities that we agreed to. Mine, of course, were financial, which were honored. Fred Fogg and team were to provide an absolutely incredible wedding for my daughter; one she would never forget. Fred Fogg and his team not only honored this, but they went multiple levels above and beyond to make my daughter’s wedding the fairytale wedding she always wanted and I could never have paid enough for this. It was priceless.

The Chefs and the food at Pleasantdale Chateau are the crème-de-la-crème of venues and Michelin restaurants. It rivals any quality restaurant in this country but has a more upscale, decidedly genteel, atmosphere, reminiscent of an exclusive private dignitary event. Everything Pleasantdale Chateau offers says “quality,” from the incredible Hospitality hour, the undisputed, fabulous, best cocktail hour imaginable, the finely planned dinner, the beautifully unique and unbelievable dessert offering, and the fine service.

The foods are just amazing. As a cocktail hour, the herb crusted rack of lamb is perfection. The Roasted suckling pig is heavenly. The Sushi and Lobster stations are as good as they get. The Pasta stations and the Fresh Mozzarella station are to die for, and the Seafood station on ice will simply blow you away. As main courses, the Filet Mignon is one of the most delicious pieces of beef I’ve ever tasted. The side orders, such as Gruyere and Garlic Dauphinoise potatoes or Potato Gnocci with Pea Tendrils, are also excellent. And the wine list is exceptional.
Just when you think you can’t eat any more, Pleasantdale offers a range of special desserts, including unique twists on many that would make a French pastry chef swoon.

This is the “real deal.” It’s truly worth saving up for.

So, if you have not guessed by now, the real genuine secret at Pleasantdale Chateau, while it has awe-inspiring beauty, opulence, grandeur, and simply incredible food, it is the people that make this venue truly remarkable; it is the people at Pleasantdale that make all of the difference. The incredible chefs and staff that see to you and your guests’ every whim. And it all starts and ends with the Director of Operations and Head Maître D, Santiago Sevilla. I am here to tell you, personally, that not only is he the best wedding director, but he is also an incredible person. My family was so blessed to have him as a part of and leading this special event in our lives. As Elvis Presley was born to sing, Santiago was born to provide couples the grandest wedding experience one could provide. His commitment to the couple, the families, and most importantly, the guests, is incomparable, unparalleled and indescribable. The only way to truly comprehend this dedication is to actually experience it.

Therefore, if your daughter or your son is getting married, I recommend you visit Pleasantdale Chateau and have the experience of a lifetime. The experience Fred, Santiago and the full staff at Pleasantdale Chateau burned into my family memory will last forever and there is no cost that could match that.

Thank you Fred, Santiago, Dawn, Christine, Rich, Camilla, Aaliyah, Lesly, the incredible chefs, and the whole gang for making my dream and my daughter’s fairytale wedding come true, as only Pleasantdale Chateau can do.

All the best,
Peter Chacanias

To say our wedding at the Pleasantdale Chateau was a fairytale is an understatement. We had read many raving reviews beforehand, so our expectations were extremely high, but somehow they still managed to completely exceed our expectations. We visited nearly a dozen places first (even Manhattan’s finest venues) but once we stepped foot on the grounds of the Pleasantdale Chateau my fiance and I looked at each other, and we both knew this was the place for us. The grounds, the decor, the architecture, and the character are all equally beautiful, intricate, and impeccable. There simply is no other place like the Pleasantdale. Many other venues felt impersonal, run of the mill, and cookie cutter, but here, they cater and personalize the wedding JUST FOR YOU! Our families are very old school Italian, so we had very specific food requests and high expectations on taste and presentation, and the Pleasantdale “italianized” our wedding to meet our high Italian food standards. They even made sure to get us fresh figs like we requested 🙂 As amazing as the venue, the grounds and the food were, we both agreed that wasn’t even the best part about selecting the Pleasantdale Chateau… it’s the staff. The staff goes absolutely above and beyond to make sure the weeks leading up to your wedding and the actual day are as completely stress free as possible. People thought we had a wedding planner, but we just had the Pleasantdale staff to thank 🙂 Fred pushed the standards to ensuring our cocktail hour, dinner menu, and after party food were top notch and unlike any other wedding. Santiago made sure the day ran perfectly and flawlessly. You don’t realize all the behind the scenes that goes into executing a massive wedding, but Santiago tackles it all, and doesn’t let you down. He even gave the shirt off his back to one of our grandparents when he stained his shirt. And our bridal and groom attendants (shout out to Vera and Jennifer) who were 3 steps ahead of us! They literally changed our shoes for us when we had a sneaker change (as we were eating our dinner). And our bridal party actually got to enjoy themselves and didn’t have to worry about anything because our attendants were so accommodating. A wedding is a special day, a once in a lifetime event. You want to find the venue that will make it special for you, and that’s why our venue search was over the moment we discovered the Pleasantdale Chateau. We truly had the fairytale, storybook wedding that little girls dream about when there’s not a care in the world. How did we get so lucky?! Our guests are still talking about our wedding a month later and saying it’s the best wedding they’ve ever been too. Some even said it was better than their own!

Words can’t describe how magical our wedding day was at the Pleasantdale Chateau. From the moment you drive onto the grounds, you are taken back by all the beauty around you. The day my husband and I went to go look at the Pleasantdale, we met with Fred. He was so friendly from the start, wanting to get to know you as a couple. Also, you could tell how passionate he is about his job and wanting to make you the most happy bride and groom. He takes his time to show you the whole Chateau and the grounds, answering any questions you need. He is quick to answer any emails or phone calls anytime of the day. There is no question that you should hesitate to ask because Fred will do anything to make sure you get things the things you envision on your wedding. One example is, my husband and I got married on the 4th of July and I wanted the desserts to have be American themed and he made it happen! During our planning meeting a month before our wedding we met Santiago, the Maitre’d. Right off the bat he makes you feel like you are his best friend! During the meeting he got to know us and our love for our dogs. He made sure that our dogs could be apart of our day. Santiago makes everything effortless. You have nothing to worry about with the day being in his hands. He loves what he does and will make sure everything goes smoothly. On our wedding day, he was right there whenever you needed something (even when you didn’t even realize you needed something). We wish he could have been an official guest at our wedding, that is how much we got along and enjoyed his company! The rest of the staff such as Dawn and the bridal attendants were awesome from the start. The service is top of the line. The food is incredible and the atmosphere is breathtaking. Our friends and family won’t stop talking about the wonderful experience they had being a wedding guest. Even some of our older guests who have been to more weddings than they can count said it was the best wedding they have attended. The Pleasantdale staff makes you feel like family. Having a wedding at the Pleasantdale Chateau is a dream come true!

This is a long overdue THANK YOU for one of the BEST days of our lives! We are still on cloud 9 from our wedding day! From dropping things off at the venue the day before to the last slice of pizza served at the after party, we truly had a night we will not forget! Our guests are still raving about the cocktail hour & desserts and the impeccable service throughout!  It was unforgettable day and we wish we could relive it over and over again! We wanted to share our wedding trailer with you as well we just received!

My husband and I had our wedding at Pleasantdale a few weeks ago. The calls from our guests have been endless. The food was phenomenal and the service was impeccable. My husband and I had our eyes set on a different venue when we were deciding where to get married, but were supposed to have our appointment the day after visiting Pleasantdale. We never made it there. When we walked into Pleasantdale it just took our breath away. We knew it was our place. Every room has a different feel and style to it, and combined, the chateau is just exquisite. It was exactly the vibe we were looking for and struggled to find elsewhere. Fred was fantastic, accommodating, a true professional. Everything we asked for he made happen. He genuinely wanted to make us the happiest bride and groom. Working with Pleasantdale was seamless. Fred advised us on vendors, menu selection, and all the little details along the way. He was always available and eager to help in any way possible. Last, but not least, Santiago. Oh my, there are not enough words to describe this literal angel. Santiago is the true star of Pleasantdale. When we first met at our menu meeting I knew I was going to love this man. He was on top of EVERYTHING and even though we had a planner, he was invaluable. On the day of the wedding he made everything seamless, and every time I turned my head he was by my side to help with anything and everything. What I’m most grateful for is how he helped with my elderly grandparents. He was there to assist them and ensured that we didn’t have to stress about them. Santiago, you are a rare gem. Lastly, I should mention the access you are given to the Chateau. My close family members and friends spent the night with us at the beautiful Chateau and had a delicious breakfast there the next morning. It just kept the wonderful experience going and is not something you get with every venue. All in all, I can’t imagine that there is another wedding venue that compares to Pleasantdale. The food (so much food), the service, the ambiance, the attentiveness is simply unparalleled. Honestly, all of our wedding dreams came true here. PS – We are still getting calls from all our friends and family about the truffle mac and cheese from the mac and cheese station at the afterparty!

We had the pleasure of celebrating our daughter’s wedding here this weekend and every word I tell you isn’t nearly enough to describe the EXPERIENCE.For that is what the Pleasantdale Chateau (PDC) is.An experience.Our first introduction to PDC was with Fred Fogg, with whom we ultimately worked once we booked the place (once we saw it, we cancelled the rest of our appointments with other venues!).Fred is the consummate professional from top to bottom and he delivers on every single thing he promises.From our first step into the PDC, we were treated as honored guests with no “hard sell”.PDC itself is a spectacular venue all on its own but it’s all the other “stuff” that makes it stand out.I have NEVER seen such attentive, kind, smiling, patient staff anywhere ever.Every person took obvious pride in their jobs and they were trained beautifully.Our guests told us the staff answered their every need even before they knew they needed it!The personal attendants were remarkable in every way.My personal attendant, Dominique, was masterful.A few times I got a bit emotional and out of nowhere comes a hand from behind me, passing me a tissue!I never even saw her, she was there but not there.When I would get up from my seat in the ballroom, she straightened out my shoes under my chair.Who does that?Seriously! No one could see if my shoes were askew but Dominique cared enough to attend even to that.At one point while getting dressed, we had a problem with my husband’s bowtie.I called the desk and asked if Dominique could come help and I don’t think the receiver was back in the cradle before she knocked on our door.The bride and groom each had their own attendants who were at their beck and call the entire time, and always with a smile and a steady hand.Veronica attended the bride and made sure her train was always straight, her needs met.When she handed my daughter her bouquet to carry down the aisle, she showed her where she’d hidden tissues within the flowers in case of emergency!She made sure the bride had food and drinks whenever she needed or wanted them.And speaking of the food, I will channel my inner adolescent and say OMG OMG OMG.This was not food, it was art for the palette.Every single thing was cooked to perfection. The cocktail hour was stupendous.The chefs are a credit to their profession.To be able to prepare those delights for SO many people and make everything taste wonderful is just incredible.We were fortunate enough to have a dignitary attend the wedding and he said,”The food here is better than The White House”. You will NEVER see a cocktail hour like at the PDC. Other venues make promises but believe me, there is no comparison.Other venues have typical banquet foods but PDC has gastronomic gifts!The main courses were cooked TO ORDER.How is that even possible?The pass around desserts were insanely wonderful and FUN.The maitre’d Santiago is spectacular! He runs the show in the funniest, calmest, most confident way and truly allowed us to feel like guests at our own party. There was not one single moment of worry about anything at all. I knew he had our backs 100%.Fred’s assistant Dawn is a delight. Professional, warm, sweet and completely capable of handling anything thrown her way. She is wonderful.If you want to be a guest at your own party and have ZERO to worry about, PDC is for you. It is worth every cent. We left there with full hearts and no regrets. Nothing anywhere else can compare.

We just celebrated my daughter’s wedding at the Chateau on November 19th. It was the most magical night of our lives. everything was perfection from A to Z! Thank you to Fred Fogg and Santiago for making this a dream come true for our children!

The Pleasantdale Chateau was actually the last venue that we went to look at. We were ready to book another venue but I couldn’t do it without taking a look at the pleasantdale and I’m so happy I did! Everything about it screams elegance . From the second we drove up the wooded path we knew this was the place we were going to get married. We met with Fred who was amazing in giving us a tour and discussing our options. When my husband looked at me and said I need to get married here was when I knew we would not be happy anywhere else. We booked that day and never looked back! All throughout the planning process Fred and Dawn were outstanding, answering every question this anxious bride had with professionalism and kindness. Fred and Santiago were wonderful in helping us pick a custom menu that was vegetarian friendly but still had something for everyone. We were a little weary about not doing a tasting but believe me the food does not disappoint. We are still hearing from out guests how outstanding the food was! The day of the wedding we were running late due to a long church ceremony and summer traffic, to say I was stressed out was an understatement. Santiago, our bridal attendants and the staff did an absolutely wonderful job in helping us get out pictures done, calming me down and making sure we had time to sample cocktail hour in the bridal suite. The entire night was flawless thanks to Santiago, he truly is the gem of the pleasantdale! My parents were so pleased that they had special seats reserved with perfect views of the dance floor, they even felt like royalty! The food was out of this world, the service was over the top amazing and the location can not be beat. If you’re looking for a fairytale wedding look no further. This is by far the best wedding venue in New Jersey. We loved it so much we’re going back for their yearly de ja vu event in February. Thank you so much to Fred, Santiago, Dawn and the amazing Pleasantdale Chateau staff for all that you did to help us have the most perfect fairytale wedding. It was truly more then I could have dreamed of!

I was fortunate to get married at this exquisite and unique wedding venue just 2 weeks ago. As soon as I went in to see the space, I knew a wedding here would be a fairytale (and be mind blowing to our guests too!). We were so blown away, we decided to do an ALL weekend wedding event here-rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony and reception and a brunch on Sunday. From Friday-Sunday we were treated like royalty by their staff. Both sets of our parents, my husband, and I all had our own assistant given by the location-I have never seen this type of treatment at a wedding venue, let alone any venue for that matter.

The execution of the event was FLAWLESS. The attention to detail was above and beyond, and they even surprised us to make things more special, which we didn’t think was possible.
Every staff member was out to please us and the delivery was EXCEPTIONAL, more than we could have dreamed of-not ONE mistake, nothing missed, and a staff that were willing to go over the top to have the weekend turn out absolutely PERFECT! We got our fairytale after all. Given it was a weekend FULL of activity and events, we couldn’t believe how magical they made this for us and how they didn’t miss a thing!
We have been receiving phone calls and texts about “the wedding of the year” and how incredible they thought everything went. They too commented on the overall excellence of the staff, service and how Pleasantdale didn’t miss a beat! For people to tell us that, we knew this place was one in a million, maybe even one in a billion!
The only thing negative is that the weekend had to end, and these people became our family. We would recommend this venue for ANY type of event-they can handle anything! You will be overwhelmed with the amount of positive feedback you get and how special they make you feel. Don’t waste your time looking elsewhere, because you won’t find it better than this! And I know this because…in addition to being the bride for this weekend, I am also a full time event planner in NYC. I WISH every venue and company were this easy and amazing to work with-they are a DREAM on all accounts.
We look forward to hosting another event for our friends and family again at this location. My husband was so pleased, he booked an event at his work in just a few months. WE CAN’T WAIT TO GO BACK!


There’s so much that can be said about the Pleasantdale Chateau and why a couple should get married there. But I think all it really takes is going to see it to understand why. Because that’s all it took for us. It was the first place we saw, and it was the only place we needed to see after that. Fred Fogg took us around to show us the grounds and we fell in love. We thought we wanted to get married in NYC, but after seeing PDC, that thought was completely wiped away. But having now gone through the experience of having our wedding there, that feeling is only further reinforced 100 times over. We’ve never been married before, but we can’t imagine many places, if any, would come close to what we experienced. And not necessarily because of the venue itself, and how tastefully elegant it is, or how stunning the grounds are, or perfectly private it is, but because of the people. The people at PDC are the sole reason to get married there. When we say they treat you like a king and queen for a day, we truly mean it. It was beyond anything we could have imagined it would be, how they were at our beckon call for absolutely anything and everything we needed the entire day. Each of us had our own personal attendant (Camilla, Dominique, Leslie) who were within reaching distance whenever we needed them, and with how hot it was the day we got married, we were so lucky to have them give us water and towels and everything in between while we got ready and took pictures. And that level of service lasted throughout the entire night.

But before our wedding day even came, the impeccable service had already begun to take place. Dawn was our main point of contact leading up to the wedding, answering any and all questions we may have had, coordinating all meetings or drop offs, and always doing so extremely quickly, showing us the kind of attention that made us feel like we were in great hands. When things can be hectic in the coming weeks before the big day, she made sure everything went as smooth as possible, so we had nothing to stress about.

And then once the big day came, it was Santiago, the maître d, who stole the show. He’s the one who makes everything happen, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. To say that he is absolutely incredible would be a horrible understatement. His attention to detail and awareness of everything that’s going on at all times is insane. He will make sure that your wedding is exactly how you imagined it, and he’ll do it with flare.

We will forever thank Fred, Santiago, Camilla, Dominique, Leslie, and the rest of the staff for everything they did for us on the most important day of our lives

Beyond the staff, as people who love food, we can tell you that the cocktail hour was fit for a king and queen, at Michelin star quality.

Bottom line, if you can get married at the Pleasantdale Chateau, do it. You won’t regret it.


The Pleasantdale Chateau is beyond amazing! It’s beautiful, the staff is friendly & attentive, and the food is plentiful & delicious. Our guests keep raving about the food! I worked with Fred throughout the whole planning process and he was responsive and helpful. Santiago was my go-to on the day of and he kept everything running smoothly(and made sure my groom and I had a drink in hand). Unfortunately, it was too hot(and risks of storms) to hold the ceremony outside like initially planned, but our guests didn’t even realize that the ceremony was in the same room as the reception. I can’t compliment this venue enough!! You’ll get what you pay for and more!


We searched high and low for a venue, going back and forth between this one and park savoy down the road. boy are we glad we went with this venue. Not only is the food out of this world, it was the most beautiful wedding venue we had ever attended (And probably will ever attend). Our guests are still talking about the food, the band, and the overall atmosphere. Nothing went wrong on our gorgeous summer wedding day. We had the ceremony outside, and it was perfect. Everything was perfect. THANK YOU PLEASANTDALE!!!


Where to begin? Pleasantdale Chateau is a wedding venue where dreams are made. From the moment my husband and I stepped foot on the property to view the venue, we fell in love. We had the pleasure of working with the most amazing wedding coordinator, Laura Madden, who helped us through every step of the process. As we greeted our guests at each table the night of our wedding, everyone remarked that it was EASILY the best wedding they had ever been to, no doubt in large part to the location. Not only was the location amazing, but the food was, as my husband says “dope.” We literally had to be asked to sit and eat by our mater’d because we were so full from cocktail hour! This venue is for anyone who truly wants to feel like royalty and have NOT A CARE in the WORLD on their wedding day! Thank you Pleasantdale Staff!

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