Cocktail Party Menu: Carving Station Trends

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Carving Station Trends

Carving Station Trends

When budget wedding guides say to ‘cut out the carving station’ as a way to save money, they’re talking about weddings that are planned in non-bridal locations, and self-catered. At an upscale wedding reception venue, carving stations are included in the entire wedding catering package. So you can very well include a carving station, or two, in your cocktail party plan.

It’s also a fallacy that wedding guests don’t want carving station items during the cocktail party, since they plan to have a meat entrée during the dinner hour. Guests actually look forward to carving stations, so that they can enjoy a variety of fine gourmet wedding foods during your entire wedding event. If a guest chooses a slice of roast suckling pig at the cocktail party, for instance, their wedding meal is more enjoyable with their choice of chateaubriand, free range chicken breast, venison or filet mignon.

Carving stations are very popular cocktail party fare, since wedding guests don’t get these particular tastes often, nor do they get finely-cooked, juicy, tender, grade-A meats during their weekly dining experiences.

Here are some of the most popular carving station choices:

  • Pork tenderloin
  • New York-style pastrami
  • New York-style corned beef
  • Vermont turkey
  • Roast leg of lamb with garlic and rosemary
  • Tequila-lime marinated flank steak
  • Orange and rosemary-scented roast suckling pig with pineapple chutney
  • Corn fed baked Virginia ham
  • Peppercorn crusted sushi grade ahi tuna loin with red onion, tomato and caper relish
  • Seared tuna loin with lime vinaigrette dressing
  • Apple and ancho braised brisket of beef
  • Herb roasted sirloin of beef with horseradish cream
  • Boneless ribeye of bison with chipotle mayonnaise
  • And more…

Some carving station choices may cost a bit more, according to market prices, and our catering manager can help you custom-select your pair of carving station flavors to complement the additional cocktail party stations and foods you desire.

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