Wedding Décor – Gift Table Trends

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Wedding Trends

Wedding Trends

Our Northern New Jersey wedding couples most often find that their families and friends give them wedding gifts in the form of a check in an envelope, but with weddings bringing friends, family and work associates together from all corners of the globe, we are seeing more wrapped wedding gifts at today’s wedding celebrations. That calls for a decorated wedding gift table in the reception ballroom, where guests may place and display their beautifully-wrapped wedding presents for the bride and groom.

Wedding décor methods apply to every detail in the wedding ballroom, large and small, so we and our New Jersey wedding coordinator contacts pay special attention to both the design and the functionality of the gift table. Here are the top trends for making your wedding gift table more attractive and fitting to your wedding theme and décor style:

1.      Your gift table linens can have a style of their own. They do not have to be the same color, fabric, texture and style as the wedding guest table linens. Many of our wedding couples choose an alternative color and style of linens for the gift table, guest book table and other wedding venue entrance display tables, and these might be accented, shimmery, crystal-sewn, even patterned linens that reach the floor on all sides for the most polished effect.

  1. Add a table runner. Just like the wedding guest table décor, add a length of décor fabric to extend along the table to create a colorful, decorative effect.
  2. Decorate the front edge of the table. An extra garland from your wedding floral décor can be strung along the front of your gift table. A fabric drape might have your monogram on it, in a color matching your guest table décor accents.
  3. Place your wedding gift box or wedding gift birdcage on this table, ideally in the center, for guests to use and wrapped-gifts to surround.
  4. Allow the gift display to take its own form as guests place their presents there. Don’t worry about arranging gifts on the table.
  5. Skip the votive candle holders. Even though these are pretty accents, you don’t want a gift ribbon to fall into the flame and create a disaster. If you like the look of candlelight on the gift table, a top wedding idea is to set up flameless candles or LED light cubes in glass vases for a budget-friendly wedding décor look.
  6. Provide room on either side of the gift table for guests to place extremely large wrapped gifts that cannot be placed on the table itself. When you allow room for these boxes, they will not pile up around the table, jutting into high traffic areas.
  7. When you bring your wedding reception supplies to us prior to your wedding, bring a few large, empty, plastic-lidded bins in which we can securely pack your wedding gifts for home transport. We’re happy to help bring your gifts to your car, but we recommend these bins for easy use on your big day and also for organizing systems in your home after the wedding.

Michael Mahle, Director of Communications, Pleasantdale Chateau

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