How to Select a Wedding Venue You’ll Love

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Congratulations on the recent engagement! This is an exciting time for you and your new fiancé as you embark on this next step in life together. Now that you have a bright, shiny ring on your finger, everyone will ask questions like:

  • “When is the wedding?”
  • “Did you pick out a venue?”
  • “Have you thought about your dress?”

So, let’s dive into wedding planning! If you picked out the date, great! But there’s still much more to complete before the big day arrives. Choosing the right wedding venue can seem overwhelming, but it’s much easier than you may think.

Keep reading for advice from industry experts about picking out the perfect wedding venue for your enchanting celebration.

Discuss the Wedding Vibe with Your Fiancé

First, you and your partner must sit together and figure out the vibe you want at your wedding. Picking out the vibe of your wedding will make searching for a wedding venue even easier since you have specific requests in mind.

If you start searching for venues without a vision, you may accidentally book a venue that simply cannot meet your expectations or cater to your needs. For example, if you and your fiancé want a modern wedding with mirror accents, having your wedding at a rustic barn is not the appropriate choice.

You should look at art galleries, venues with open rooftops, or even luxury hotels. You already have your work cut out, so start planning immediately.

Research Nearby Wedding Venues

Next, it’s time for the engaged couple to research different nearby wedding venues. There’s no rule telling you to stick with classic, traditional wedding venues. So, consider having your wedding at an aquarium, museum, vineyard, winery, or even in your backyard.

Don’t forget about what each wedding venue offers. If the wedding venue offers overnight accommodations or has affiliations with nearby hotels, for example, disabled guests will have easier access to the party and can even stay later.

Schedule Tours at Each Wedding Venue

This might seem obvious, but you and your significant other must visit each venue before submitting your security deposit. Scheduling tours at wedding venues is crucial before booking the venue because it allows answers to lingering questions and seeing the venue in person.

Both of you should also bring your parents and wedding planner — if you hire one —to tour the venues. They may ask questions that are not even on your radar! When you arrive at the venue for a walkthrough, clear your mind and take in your surroundings.

Can you imagine yourself walking down the aisle? Do you picture your guests having fun during the cocktail hour and reception? Did you feel a wave of happy emotions during your tour? If you and your partner answer yes to any of these questions, then that is your wedding venue!

Before booking your wedding date on the spot, ask for more information about what the venue supplies, as well as any extra costs.

Don’t Overlook Your Wedding Budget

Make sure to keep your budget in mind when selecting your wedding venue. Many engaged couples spend the largest chunk of their entire budget on the wedding venue. Consider the price range that you and your fiancé feel comfortable paying. Otherwise, you may feel disappointed knowing you found your dream wedding venue but cannot afford it.

Ask if the wedding venue has a capacity limit, availability, and policies that surround music, catering, if the venue supplies alcohol or you and your fiancé need to supply it, decorations, flower placements, price per plate, tables, chairs, dinnerware, linens, and cake cutting. After receiving answers to these critical questions, keep a pros and cons list and see where you can get the most out of your money.

Reserve Your Dream Wedding Venue

You and your fiancé dedicated countless hours researching, visiting, and planning around your budget; now it’s time to book your dream venue! Before calling the venue, you must analyze both the pros and cons of each venue. This decision should not happen until you’re both 100% satisfied with the choice. At the same time, do not procrastinate. Otherwise, you will lose your date to another couple.

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Selecting a wedding venue that you and your significant other simply adore is scary, yet exciting. Remember to keep an open mind about your wedding theme and reflect it in your venue. During the scheduled tours, ask important questions so you do not exceed your wedding budget. Regardless of whether you both choose a traditional or unique venue, make sure the celebration shows off your relationship in the best way possible.

Are you ready to search for your perfect wedding venue? Knowles Hospitality has hosted timeless and elegant weddings for over six decades. To schedule a tour and speak with our team of wedding experts, dial (973) 732-2360 today!

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