Jewish Weddings and Interfaith Weddings – Top Trends in Chuppah Décor

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Jewish Wedding Ceremony

Jewish Wedding Ceremony

Your chuppah is the centerpiece of your wedding ceremony, and our Jewish wedding couples have designed beautiful chuppahs under which they become husband and wife. In our beautiful wedding location, we’ve seen elegant chuppahs, bejeweled chuppahs, floral-covered chuppahs, and true artistry done by local New Jersey wedding coordinators and floral designers in their designs.

We thought we’d share with you some of the top wedding décor trends related to chuppahs for Jewish weddings and interfaith weddings:

·        Spectacular Sparkle. The expanse of a wedding chuppah, from the top tenting to the draping of the sides, is covered with thousands of hand-glued or hand-sewn Swarovski crystals in swirling designs, with some forming the wedding couple’s monogram. As an alternative to the all-over crystal décor design, we’ve also seen wide lines of crystals as a frame around the top and sides of the chuppah.

  • Dangling ‘Diamonds.’ Also in the sparkle category, chuppahs often drip with wire-suspended crystals. There may be a lineup of a dozen crystals per wire, or one larger crystal bauble at the end of each line.
  • Raining Orchids. A top wedding trend is suspending décor items. Clear wire is also used to suspend hundreds of fresh flowers, from all-white orchids, to colorful blends of white and blue orchids, gardenias and other elegant flowers. At informal garden weddings, the chuppah may be festooned with a raining wall of white and yellow daisies, which also outline the chuppah’s frame.
  • Gorgeous Garlands. Our favorite New Jersey floral designers have wowed us with thick, lush green garlands outlining the chuppah frame and hanging in draping arches as the roof of the chuppah. These garlands may be purely made of greenery in visually interesting textures, or they may be dotted with white or colorful flowers.
  • Elegant Simplicity. Hold the sparkle, hold the flowers, hold the garlands. A new trend in elegant wedding décor is a completely accent-free chuppah designed entirely of rich fabric, pleated and draped, providing an unadorned backdrop so that the bride’s wedding dress can sparkle and shine while she stands below it.
  • Aisle Runners. Coordinated to the colors of the chuppah, a big wedding trend is a wide, decorative aisle runner leading up to the structure, often leading up steps to where the bride and groom will stand. Today’s aisle runner designs are colorful and bold, or sparkling with thousands of hand-attached crystals, with floral motifs and metallic accents, and perhaps the couple’s favorite saying at the beginning of the runner. At the infamous Kim Kardashian wedding, the extra-long aisle runner featured black flourishes at several points along its length, and couples with dramatic flair are emulating that celebrity wedding style.
  • Fabulous Flooring. The bride and groom are setting down artistic flooring or a twist on the aisle runner to create a decorative carpet in color, shine and personalization.
  • Tied Accents. The front curtains of the chuppah may be tied back with tasseled lengths of fabric, or similarly sparkly crystal accents, even fresh floral nosegays in metallic cones or holders at the entrance. This is a top décor choice for couples on limited wedding budgets.
  • Pedestal Florals. On either side of the chuppah, large planters filled with tall, dramatic flowers and branches create a garden wonderland look that adds extra bridal beauty to the space around the chuppah, widening its decorative effect.
  • Using Heirloom Items: As a way to add dazzle without straining the wedding budget, our Jewish wedding couples are in increasing number accenting their chuppahs with crystal-accented ties and other décor items their parents used at their own weddings. This adds a dash of personalization and extra meaning to the wedding ceremony.

Michael Mahle, Director of Communications, Pleasantdale Chateau

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