Wedding Décor: Restroom Amenities Baskets

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Restroom Amenities Baskets

Restroom Amenities Baskets

Offering an attractive, well-stocked amenities basket in your wedding venue restrooms allows guests much-appreciated comforts during any type of wedding celebration. At any time during your reception, a guest might get a stain on his or her clothing, and be very relieved to find stain-remover packets in the ladies’ or men’s room. In the past, these comfort amenities baskets included just a half dozen basic products, and now the new wedding trend in amenities baskets is to fill them with dozens of different items, all arranged on an elegant platter, or in a wedding theme-matching basket, even a tiered display holder fronted with your wedding logo.

The world’s top restaurants, finest banquet halls and best hotels offer top-notch amenities in their restrooms, and your wedding will take on an opulent air when you embrace the new wedding idea of adding luxury brand items to your collection.

Here are the top items to include in your wedding reception venue amenities baskets:

Fabric tape

Safety pins

Extra boutonniere pins

Emery board

Clear nail polish

Blister adhesive bandages

Small gel pads to place inside shoe heels for comfort

A bottle of designer perfume, such as wedding-luxe Vera Wang

A bottle of designer hand lotion

Extra earring backs

Bobby pins in dark, tan and blonde colors

Orange sticks

Dental floss picks, such as Plackers, which are easier for guests to use than traditional string floss

Cotton swabs

Antacids in individual packs

Ibuprofen or other pain medicine packets

Breath strips


Oil blotting papers (in both ladies’ and men’s rooms)

Tweezers and alcohol swabs (in case of splinters)

And top wedding coordinators suggest leaving out a notepad and several pens, in case guests want to take a traditional note of any kind, or provide their phone number to a guest who doesn’t have his or her cell phone handy.

Decorate your amenities basket with LED candles, not real ones, to eliminate the risk of fire or accident, and have your floral designer place any leftover blooms and greenery around your basket to add an additional styling effect to this welcome sight.

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