Ways to Choose Your Wedding Favors

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Best Way to Choose your Wedding Favors

Wedding favors can be much more than just a way to thank your wedding guests and leave them with a memento of your marriage. They offer yet another way to be creative with your wedding planning process. Wedding favors can be an extension of your wedding theme, be a way to share part of who you are as a couple, or generally personalize your wedding reception. Here are a few ways the brides and grooms at our New Jersey wedding venue have chosen their favors to give to wedding guests:

  • Color it you. Choose a favor that matches with the design and décor you’ve set for the day. If you’re offering a candy or other confection, be sure to use the same color palette with the sweets you select.
  • Let the season be your guide. Winter wedding favors, spring wedding favors, summer wedding favors, fall wedding favors—each season has look and feel distinctly its own. From snowflakes to sandals, from cherry blossoms to chestnuts, there are endless possibilities for favors and flavors that match the season of your nuptials.
  • Show you care with flair. Let your guests know that you’re thinking of them with perfectly petite care packages that they can make use of on your wedding day or even the next morning. Having an outdoor wedding in the hot summer? Sunscreen and sunglasses are two popular picks. Perhaps a snack for the ride home or a personally packaged packet of aspirin, Alka Seltzer or the latest hangover cure as a take-away for all that happened on the day.
  • Leave your mark. A personalized note with your married monogram/wedding logo or an imprinted candy wrapper or mini wine bottle label. A professionally printed sticker can also personalize just about any fun little favor of your choosing.
  • Tell the story of you. How did you meet? Where were you engaged? What event or activity helped to bring the bride and groom together? For example, was your first date at a baseball game? How about husband and wife autographed baseballs or you photos on a baseball card that double as your guest escort cards? Are you both music fans? Perhaps a customized CD.
  • Creation by location. Let the wedding destination, wedding venue, or general location be your inspiration for wedding favors. Whether it’s a garden wedding, country wedding, backyard wedding, estate wedding, or any location where there is a distinctive aesthetic, there are many elements in each that can lead you to an idea. If you’re having a beach wedding or nautical themed wedding, for example, there are countless DIY wedding favor possibilities, from inscribed seashells to sand art or a personalized “message in a bottle.” Any shore town will have a plethora of seashore-themed ephemera you can integrate into you wedding theme. From lighthouse candles to anchor bottle openers, the choices are endless.

Regardless of what becomes your inspiration, the best received wedding favor gifts are those that create a personal connection, have a practical use, are handsomely presented, or offer a taste of something sweet; even better if they incorporate all these traits and are given with love.

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