Wedding Décor: Decorating With Your Wedding Monogram

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Every bride and groom wishes to personalize their wedding décor, looking at their wedding ceremony site, their wedding reception venue, their wedding gardensand one of the most popular décor ideas right now is decorating with your wedding monogram.

When you entwine your first initials together, or simply use the initial of your new, shared last name, this style of décor carries a great sense of symbolism. Your new, married monogram depicts your partnership, the joining together of your lives.

Here are some of the most inspiring ways that our New Jersey wedding couples are incorporating wedding monograms into so many aspects of their wedding décor:

Ceremony Decor

  • On your wedding programs, with your entwined monogram featured on the front of your wedding programs or as a small, top-of-page accent on each wedding program page.
  • At the start of your aisle runner, with your wedding monogram design silkscreened beautifully onto the fabric.
  • As a part of your unity candle décor (some styles of unity candles feature oval ‘frames’ where photos can be slid in. Use this ‘frame’ to showcase your entwined monogram instead)
  • As part of aisle or pew décor, such as a small silver frame containing your single last-name initial, attached to a pew bow or floral accent piece.

Outdoor Wedding Garden Décor

  • Individual flowers, such as white roses, spell out your last name initial or entwined first initials in a large garden hedge or shrub.
  • Your wedding monogram can be spelled out in staked flowers on the grounds, perhaps by a walkway.

  • Pedestals at the start of the aisle can display floral pieces that showcase your monogram in flowers.

Wedding Room Décor

  • ‘Gobo’ lights can project your wedding monogram beautifully onto the dance floor or onto the reception ballroom walls.

  • Your guest book can feature your beautiful, custom-designed wedding monogram on the cover, and also at the top of each page.

  • Your monogram can be printed at the top or far left portion of your place cards.

  • Your monogram can be printed on each table number sign.

  • Your monogram can be printed at the top of each guest table menu card.

  • Ice sculptures can be designed in your monogram design, set on buffet tables or on food station tables.

  • Place setting plates and chargers can feature your married last initial monogram.

  • Table runners and napkins can be printed or embroidered with your married monogram design.

  • Centerpiece designs can be made using flower petals arranged into your monogram shape at the center of each guest table.

  • Pillar candles used as table centerpieces can feature your wedding monogram.

  • Wedding favor votive candles and favor boxes can be imprinted with your monogram.

Wedding Food Accents

  • Your wedding cake can be piped with your beautiful, intricate married monogram as the ultimate in indulgent wedding décor.
  • Cupcakes on the dessert table can be piped with your last initial on top.
  • Our pastry chef can swirl your wedding monogram in dessert sauce onto each guest’s wedding cake serving plate.

Have a great day!

Laura Madden, Senior Sales Manager, Pleasantdale Chateau

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