Wedding Décor Trend: Decorating With Signs

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Wedding Signs

Wedding Signs

Personalized weddings feature décor touches that bring the bride and groom’s personalities and the style of the wedding into your Big Day, so consider a new top wedding idea: decorating with signs. Here are some of the top ways that you can design and display signs all around your wedding location:

  • A large sign at the entrance to your wedding ceremony or reception ballroom can feature your custom monogram
  • A large sign at your entrance can feature not just your names, but a romantic quote you’ve chosen as an inspiration for your day
  • Signs can direct guests to your garden ceremony area, to your reception room, to your cocktail party or other areas
  • A sign can direct guests to your smoking section at the far end of your venue
  • Use framed signs on your guest book table, again featuring your monogram or a romantic quote
  • If you’re using an alternative to the guest book, such as cards on which guests write their wedding wishes, your sign instructs them as to how to use the cards
  • Use framed signs on your family wedding photos table, showing romantic quotes or information about each relative’s wedding.
  • Display a framed sign on the guest place card table, inviting guests to find their cards
  • Display framed signs as part of your table centerpiece décor, perhaps set in front of floral arrangements or among votive candles
  • Framed signs can be placed on your dessert table, providing quotes themed to ‘sweetness’ or ‘finishing touches.’
  • Include a sign at the bar with a suggestion for your more adventurous guests to request a special signature cocktail that you’ve chosen for your wedding
  • Place a sign on your favors table, thanking guests for sharing your day
  • If you’ll donate to charity in lieu of giving wedding favors, your framed sign lets guests know of your donation
  • At an outdoor wedding, add signs to your wedding décor by setting large framed signs within the gardens.
  • If you’ll host an after-party, direct guests to it with a sign pointing the way to the shuttle bus
  • Use signs as décor for your rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, or morning-after breakfast, as well
  • Make signs to be used in your photo booth as special, message-bearing props
  • Create a large sign with the words ‘Thank You’ on it, and have your photo taken as a couple, holding the sign to be featured in your thank-you notes

Signs can be professionally-ordered, or made yourself as a popular wedding DIY project using software programs, wedding scrapbooking supplies, even a rustic-looking wooden plank or board you’ve painted and decorated with lettering or stencils.

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