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Your path down the aisle can be a beautiful, personalized one with your custom-designed aisle runner leading you toward your groom. We’ve seen many stunning aisle runner designs here at the The Manor in West Orange, and we’re pleased to share with you the top trends in aisle runner design.

  • Today’s beautiful aisle runners are made from high-quality fabrics, having evolved beautifully from the early days of aisle runners that were very similar in feel to a heavy-duty paper towel roll that often bunched up and tripped up the bride and groom and their guests. The new world of aisle runner fabrics are heavier, often top-grade cottons, providing the all-important secure surface you’ll want beneath your feet.
  • Aisle runners are also being made from organic fabrics, such as natural organic cotton and even hemp, pleasing eco-conscious brides and grooms.
  • White designs are still very popular for brides and grooms who love the traditional bridal look, and we’re also seeing many aisle runners in beautiful pastel colors such as lavender and sage green. We’re also seeing bright colors such as dramatic reds, jewel-toned purples, and summery oranges and yellows.
  • Creative graphics such as a cluster of butterflies decorate the start of the new, modern aisle runner, so talk with your designer to choose the theme icon that best fits your formal or garden wedding wishes.
  • Today’s aisle runners feature the bride’s and groom’s first names, or monogram, printed in a beautiful font and in a gorgeous coordinating color at the start of the runner.
  • At our garden weddings, many of our New Jersey brides and grooms choose to skip the fabric aisle runner and instead mark their aisles with lineups of potted flowers or pretty piles of colorful flower petals on either side of the aisle. Or, they choose to create a ‘petal carpet’ of scattered flower petals in all-white or colors that creates their path.
  • Some of our recent brides and grooms have decided that they prefer to walk not on an aisle runner nor on flower petals, but on our flooring or garden grass to provide a lovely color contrast of the bride’s white gown against their hues.

We’ve encouraged our wedding couples to have their wedding photographers snap photos of their aisle runner design and details as a priceless keepsake, and we’ve seen our brides and grooms pose photos while standing in front of their runner logo. A popular trend is for the couple to either clean and store their aisle runner to use in the future for their milestone anniversaries or when they renew their wedding vows. At those celebrations, which they may choose to host here with us once again, they can use their wedding day aisle runner as a valuable and sentimental part of their décor. And of course, many of our New Jersey wedding couples choose instead to cut out their aisle runner logo and design, have it professionally framed, and display it in their homes as an everyday reminder of the best and most beautiful day of their lives.


Michael Mahle, Director of Communications, Pleasantdale Château

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