Biggest Wedding Trends of 2019

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The day you’ve long awaited has finally arrived – he popped the question, and you feel like all of your dreams are coming true. This is an unbelievably exciting time for you and your betrothed, and you should absolutely celebrate accordingly. No doubt you’ve called all your friends with the terrific news, told your family, and threw a post up on Instagram and Facebook. You would scream the news from the top of a mountain if you could. However, as the dust begins to settle, the task before you will come into focus. Planning your dream wedding is as difficult as it is exciting. Luckily, The Manor has a list of 2019’s biggest wedding trends to make sure your special day goes over like you always pictured. Continue below for The Manor’s definitive guide on this year’s biggest wedding trends.

Wedding Themed Snapchat and Instagram Geofilters

You should know that many people go to weddings with a “pics or it didn’t happen” attitude. Luckily, Instagram and Snapchat both have a fun feature that is guaranteed to have your guests snapping pics through your entire wedding. Geofilters are location-based image filters that only be accessed within certain predefined ranges. Customize your own wedding-themed Geofilter for your ceremony and reception, and provide fun instagrammable moments throughout the entire affair. It’s a cheap, simple, and cute way to make your wedding unforgettable.

Unforgettable Wedding Invitations

The bigger, louder, and more unique the better. You want your wedding invitations to give your guests a taste of the festivities to come. Invitation designs with maps are a great and unique way to show where the couple is from or plan out where all the events of the wedding weekend will take place. Mixed metals on the invitations are another chic, affordable way to make your invites stand out.

Hanging Flower Wedding Reception Dance Floors

Flowers aren’t just for the tables at your reception. Imagine all of your friends and family members dancing underneath a canopy of beautiful, color-coordinated flowers. Not only does a hanging flower dance floor give you another opportunity to add a splash of color and further emphasize your wedding’s color scheme, but it also keeps the room smelling fresh and feeling vibrant.

Skip the Wedding DJ – Hire a Live Band

This is a day for you and your beloved to show the world what makes your relationship special and different. So skip Cardi B and Taylor Swift. Hiring a full band with a horn section to play everything from rock and roll classics to jazz standards, and everything in between is a fun, classy move. Nothing matches the raw energy of a live band. To get your guests up and moving properly, ditch the DJ and support some musicians. You won’t regret it.

Smoke Bomb Entrances and Exits – An Explosion of Color

First impressions are critical. You want you and your partner’s entrance to be colorful, tasteful, and memorable. Here’s a bomb solution for you: a smoke bomb entrance. The beautiful, colorful clouds that smoke bombs release create a dreamy, ethereal backdrop to your reception, and will provide countless picture-worthy moments.

Which Wedding Trend Will You Add to YOUR Wedding?

The Manor’s list of 2019 wedding trends is just a jumping off point. The truth is there are so many ways to your wedding day unforgettable. This list should give you a solid idea of where to start. Did we forget to mention a popular wedding trend? Let us know! Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for regular news, trends, and wedding tips.

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