Choosing Perfect Wedding Flowers

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Choosing Wedding Flowers

Beautiful Wedding Flowers

Filling your wedding venue with a sea of beautiful flowers may be part of your dream wedding vision, perhaps a vision you’ve had for a very long time. After viewing so many inspiring images of flower-filled wedding banquet halls on bridal blogs, wedding websites and Pinterest, you’re likely very excited to start planning your own floral décor and wedding bouquet designs.

In order to choose the perfect flowers for your wedding, you must first think about what your wedding floral style is. Do you prefer a grand, opulent look with thousands of flowers arranged all throughout your wedding ballroom,  with oversized floral centerpieces, florals draped at ceiling height and flowers arranged on the bar and all throughout the setting? Or is your style more subdued with preferences for a smaller number of beautiful, exotic flowers that make a big impression in smaller numbers, such as in low-set centerpieces? For your garden wedding, do you wish to add more florals to the already-bloomed garden wedding setting?

Some brides are very inspired by the luxe colors and textures of fabric, such as on their guest tables and draped throughout the ballroom, with flowers playing a smaller role in their wedding décor. They may want just a modest number of florals, with crystals draped around the displays to capture the lighting in the wedding ballroom.

Whichever your style, think next about your choice of flower types. Do you prefer traditional wedding flowers such as roses, gardenias and stephanotis? Or do you love the look of more unique flowers, unexpected, creative choices in flowers that aren’t seen in every wedding location? Our favorite professional wedding floral designers have brought in stunning arrangements filled with unusual flowers, including tiny filler flowers, and plenty of textural greenery. Couples planning budget weddings are especially interested in the so-called non-bridal flowers and greenery, since those choices can cut down wedding floral costs tremendously, or allow for a larger amount of floral décor. Unique, less in-demand blooms can fill your wedding venue more than you expect.

Think about your choice of wedding flower colors. At an indoor wedding venue, you can select any floral color scheme you wish, from all-white to blush pastels to vivid brights. When your wedding ceremony will take place in a garden venue,  or if you’ll have an outdoor garden wedding entirely, it’s best to look at the colors of the flowers and flowering trees that are already there, so that they may play the major role in your wedding décor, and your added florals such as those on a chuppah or trellis, or your aisle runner design, can coordinate with them for a coordinated, impressive effect.

Choose in-season wedding flowers  that are more plentiful, and thus less expensive than flowers that need to be imported from another country, and ask your floral designer about locally-grown blooms that can also cut down on your wedding flower costs. Centerpieces and décor, plus bouquets and boutonnieres can be made beautiful, even on a budget, when you wisely stick to what’s in season and very available to your floral designer.

A top wedding trend is choosing sentimental flowers, such as using the same flowers that your parents had at their wedding, or the types of flowers that played a significant part in your love story – like the first flowers your fiancé ever bought you: purple tulips, for instance. Or your birthmonth flower, or a flower native to your culture, with lots of symbolism. Some brides choose a wedding motif flower, such as a calla lily, and incorporate that motif throughout all the print items at the wedding venue.

Floral designers encourage brides and grooms to look through their portfolios, and some of the top New Jersey floral designers create inspiration galleries of flowers-by-color on their websites. You might discover very beautiful purple flowers to pair with those purple tulips.

The best NJ wedding venues are beautifully landscaped with seasonal flowers of their own, and their gardens and grounds often feature plantings in bursts of color, or in elegant white blooms to create the perfect background for your floral-filled wedding photos.

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