Bringing Vintage Style Into Your Special Day

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Vintage Wedding Photo and wedding trends

Vintage Wedding Photo

All brides have something old and something new on their wedding day, but more and more, we’ve seen a trend toward more fully incorporating retro and vintage-inspired elements into our NJ wedding couples’ celebrations. Whether it’s Gatsby glamour or 50s finery, brides are putting a touch of classic elegance back into their unique NJ weddings and receptions.

Whether you want a top to bottom vintage theme or just want to bring a bit of yesterday’s style into a modern wedding, here are a few tips we’ve noticed might be helpful to get you started.

First of all, the wedding reception location you choose is very important in setting the tone for that vintage feel. Some of our brides have even told us they chose our wedding venue because they thought our décor and architecture had an authentic and classic appeal. The elegance and genuine feel of the locale you choose will not only help inspire your imagination, but it will also make your themes feel much more real to your guests when in the right setting. That’s not to say you have to pick a reception site that is out of step with today’s style and amenities, but choosing a wedding venue that is timeless makes your work a whole lot easier.

Another key feature to give a retro feel to your special day is the musical entertainment you choose. Going with a live wedding band over a DJ will certainly add to the aesthetic of the day. Choosing performers who know the songs appropriate to the era you want or can sing in the style of the day will only heighten the vintage experience. Even if you still want to go with contemporary music, asking the band if they’re willing to dress in the style of the era will really help to reinforce the theme you’ve chosen.

Don’t forget to raid your grandparents’ closets. Or at least pick their brains. A lot of what you may be thinking about could already be there waiting for you. If it’s the vintage wedding dress, or set of pearls, and jeweled accessories you dreamed of, you might just get some inspiration and ideas that you’d never thought of to point you in the right direction for your dream wedding.

It’s also important when researching NJ wedding photographers, to consider if you want the vintage look to extend to the memories you capture. You may have done a great job creating a retro feel on the day of your wedding, but if it doesn’t translate in the pictures you take, that part of your wedding won’t be a lasting memory. Look at the photographer’s previous work and see if they’ve been able to capture a classic look in any of the photos they’ve taken. Ask them if they’ve photographed any weddings or events where retro styling was a factor. A good number of talented photographers will know how to work with lighting, exposures, and retouching techniques to really give your vintage look a true sense of authenticity in your wedding pictures. If they know the wedding venue and/or reception banquet hall, they may even have ideas about how and where best to shoot your photos.

But overall, do your research.  There are lots of wedding planning resources out there that focus on vintage weddings and have great ideas to offer, examples to share, and retailers where you can source some great pieces from dresses to accessories, to invitations and table settings.

Most of all though, it’s not about recreating yesterday in its entirety, it’s about giving your wedding a class and elegance that your special day deserves. Do what feels right to you and what matches with your aesthetic. And be sure take a moment on your wedding day to truly take it all in and make a glamorous memory you can share with your future grandchildren when it’s their time to plan a wedding.

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