Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Wedding Day

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Wedding Shoes

Wedding Day Shoes

Today’s glamorous designer wedding shoes are true works of art, with some of the biggest shoe designers like Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, and Christian Louboutin lighting up the world of wedding fashion. Many of our New Jersey and New York City brides say they buy their designer wedding shoes before they buy their wedding dresses, since it’s such a big part of their wedding dream to wear fabulous wedding heels made by their favorite or dream designer. The passion for wedding shoes is as big as the passion for a dream wedding dress.

To choose the perfect wedding shoes for your big day, you have to know what they’ll face at your wedding venue. Will you have an outdoor garden ceremony? If so, don’t count out the designer heels. You can wear pretty, stylish flats to walk down a soft, grassy aisle in your outdoor garden ceremony site, and then change into your fashion-forward, glittery designer heels afterward, for the indoor reception.

Choose thicker heels for your wedding shoes if you would like to wear them for the ceremony, since wider heels don’t sink into grass as easily as thin stiletto heels, and thicker heels can also give you a more protected stride when walking on cobblestone driveways, marble terraces and down staircases.

Your comfort level with heels will determine the perfect shoe choice for you. Always stick with a heel height you’re used to and comfortable with, so that you’re always graceful on your feet while walking down the aisle, dancing, or even just standing.

Comfort is always key, so look for a comfortable fit, with natural-formed sides, a back that cradles your heel, a roomy toe box and lots of cushion since you’ll be on your feet all day, walking and dancing all through your wedding venue and wedding gardens. Try on different sizes than ‘your size,’ since some overseas shoe designers’ sizes – just like with designer fashion – can vary. You may find that your dream wedding shoes fit best in a 6.5 rather than your usual 6.

Brides love to coordinate their shoes and dress, not limiting themselves to the plain, satin white shoes of decades past. Now, top wedding shoe styles include color, from pastels to match accent colors in their dress or the color of their jewelry, to vivid brights such as reds to match the bouquet or a ruby in the wedding band, to sparkling glittery shoes in metallic like copper or bronze, or even in ruby slipper-style glittery red. Shoes now provide that pop of color in the modern bride’s look.

Or, you might choose to incorporate a design element of your gown into your shoes, such as a lace effect on your shoes to go with the lace effect of your gown or veil. Or, you might clip on a sparkly shoe accent to match the sparkle of a glittery brooch you’ll wear on your gown bodice or hip.

Always test your wedding shoes, to be sure you can comfortably walk in them, climb steps, dance, twirl, and walk on different surfaces such as a dance floor or carpeting. And after you buy them, spend time breaking them in by walking on different surfaces like those you’ll find at your wedding venue. Well broken-in shoes give you a more safe and secure walk, and soften the edges of the shoe for a more comfy, blisterless time spent in them.

You might choose to change into slip-on shoes like Footzyfolds or other popular wedding shoes with solid construction and sturdy soles in pretty white or silver, or in the same bright color as your wedding heels, so that you can dance the night away in full comfort and in pretty bridal style.

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