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The first thing to know about selecting a theme for your wedding is that you don’t have to. Many brides are happy to simply decide on a general color palette and then base their decisions about wedding floral arrangements, reception table settings, wedding invitations, and all of the other details on their preferred color scheme.  At our NJ wedding venue, we found this can make choices both easier and more difficult.  The range of options available to you makes it simpler to get what you want and at a cost that is more reasonable, but at the same time, an endless amount of choices can make it difficult to narrow down what you want and keep a cohesive design together. 

When considering a wedding theme, many brides simply start with a basic seasonal concept and go from there–whether it’s a spring wedding theme, summer wedding theme, fall wedding theme, or winter wedding theme. From there we’ve seen brides narrow it even further.  For example, if it’s a spring wedding, they may choose to base their theme on cherry blossoms, incorporating actual cherry blossom branches into their centerpieces, taking wedding photographs with cherry trees as a backdrop, and working with the pink and white cherry blossom colors and images as part of their wedding décor, invitations, wedding favors, wedding cake, and so on.  You can almost picture exactly what the execution of this theme would look like.  Within a seasonal wedding theme, the options are many — from a summer picnic theme to a winter wonderland, and so much more. 

Another popular trend in interesting wedding themes that we are seeing at our NJ reception site are themes built around the mutual interests of the couples.  Are they beach lovers? Do they like to travel? Are they movie buffs? Are they tennis players? Do they have an affinity for a certain era? (For example, we’ve seen entire weddings based on the Great Gatsby and Roaring Twenties, right down to the style of the wedding gowns.) 

Often, the inspiration for a wedding theme comes from what brought a couple together.  This is an excellent way to share a bit of your love story with all your guests.  A wedding theme can be built entirely around where you first met, what you did on your first date, or where you were when you got engaged.  For example, one of our lovely couples was engaged in Telluride.  And because they both so much enjoyed skiing, they decided that would be their theme.  They had the florist bring in elements of the flowers native to the area.  Their escort cards were ski passes and table names were ski runs. Once you have a concept that matters to you, the creative wedding theme ideas will come to mind quickly and the process of inventing will become fun.  Our best advice to engaged couples is develop a theme based on what is important to you both; once you settle on the idea finding unique ways to share it with your family and friends at your wedding will be a much easier and more enjoyable task.

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