Picking a Unique Wedding Venue in New Jersey

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One of the smartest ways to plan a fabulous wedding, even if you’re on a budget, is choosing a unique wedding venue in New Jersey. Unlike weddings in the windowless box-like rooms of some hotels, a unique wedding location offers glorious views, grandiose buildings, gorgeously-planted gardens, spectacular scenery, sparkling chandeliers, dramatic staircases and dazzling details of every sort.

A unique venue, in all of its spectacular style, will make each of your wedding design elements from your centerpieces to your table settings to lighting and more look even more impressive – and give the impression that you spent more – as they’re magically transformed by the beauty of the wedding venue itself.

A unique wedding venue has style and sophistication, and is very often rich in history with a story that delights wedding guests. It’s no windowless box. A unique space breathes life into wedding details and sets the stage for an unforgettable wedding celebration.

As you tour wedding locations, you’ll find that the best wedding venues in New Jersey offer multiple areas for your wedding’s different segments , such as a lovely outdoor garden wedding setting with flowers and trees in bloom, manicured lawns, gardens and the blue sky above adding a natural flair to your wedding setting. Terraces allow guests to enjoy the cocktail party, or gather on their own to mingle and toast to you, the happy couple.

Unique wedding venues provide these great gathering spaces, which is so important in this age of friends and family being scattered across the country and the world, getting together only rarely for happy occasions like weddings. The delight of a multi-faceted location is that guests can wander to different rooms, areas, terrace sections and tables, even couches and seating areas in the gardens to spend the afternoon or evening celebrating you, but also getting quality time with friends. This makes your wedding stand out above others, especially those where guests are trapped in one not-so-big room where there’s no quiet place to chat.

Guests love attending weddings in banquet halls and wedding venues they’ve never been to before, but always heard about as being impressive. There’s an added excitement for them, which elevates every element of your wedding plans. Guests aren’t comparing your menu to the one served by all the other brides and grooms at the weddings they attended at the same ballroom over and over again. Everything is new and different, gourmet and grand, and again seems more expensive by virtue of being different.

A unique wedding venue impresses even more when its layout allows space for that cigar roller, or for musicians in a separate room, outside in the gardens or on a terrace. Entertainers like cultural dancers might perform out in the gardens, and other surprises can be planned using the wedding venue’s most special attributes.

And of course, your wedding photos and videos will capture the magic of a unique and amazing wedding location, and create more visually captivating backdrops for your wedding portraits and group photos. The photos and video that last forever immortalize the scenery of your elegant wedding setting and capture the extra-special level of celebration taking place within it. All because the location has an added level of attraction to it, a different feel than the standard setting, and the great energy of guests who are having a spectacular time at your event.

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