The Best Months to Plan a Wedding

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Planning a wedding is hard work. You have to pick the right venue, plan the event, and make sure you’re stocked with enough food and drinks to keep the festivities going; it’s no easy task. But planning a wedding is a rewarding experience. An important aspect of wedding planning is choosing a season that will cater to your needs.

Most people don’t usually want a wedding in January or March as it’s much too cold then. They prefer the warmer or fall seasons, and this is because the colors are blooming, which makes for great wedding photos. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the best months to plan a wedding, and why.

Why Choosing the Perfect Season Matters

For your special day, you want to choose a season that has the best weather for exceptional photos. In addition, if you opt for an outdoor venue, you want the weather to be pleasant enough for you and your guests. Do you want a winter-themed wedding? Or do you prefer the gold and red colors of fall? Deciding the month of your wedding is a great first step into making your big day a reality.

The Best Months for Your Wedding

The most popular months to get married are from May to October. May will give you those bright, spring colors that flatter every wedding photo. October and fall will also offer you deep, warm colors that will take your wedding to the next level. October is the most popular month to get hitched, with as many as 22% of couples choosing it as their favorite. Most couples love fall weddings.

In fact, 36% of couples get married in the fall, with September being the second most popular month, and October being the first. But remember, the nicer the season, the higher the prices. September is cool enough to be outside, yet not hot enough to be overbearing, like July or August. In addition to temperate weather, the fall season also offers pretty foliage that can elevate the beauty of your wedding venue.

Off-Season Weddings

Winter tends to have less popularity, specifically in January, February, and March. In fact, as little as 1% of couples chose January for their wedding in 2021. Despite winter being a relatively unpopular season for weddings, choosing to have your special day in the off-season does have some plus sides.

For one thing, the wedding photos will look like a winter wonderland par excellence. The quotes for photography, catering, and flowers will also be cheaper since it’s the off-season. Additionally, some of your guests will have greater availability since so few weddings take place in the winter months.

Knowles Hospitality will Deliver Your Fairytale Wedding

Choosing the correct month for your special day is important. While the fall months tend to be the most popular, a wedding in the off-season can be equally beautiful and enjoyable. Knowles Hospitality can help you choose the perfect month to ensure your wedding is unforgettable. Dial (718) 698-4433 to get started planning, today.

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