The Right Décor for Your Rustic Wedding

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Having a romantic, rustic wedding is a timeless theme. These types of nuptials typically take place in a barn or a spacious country area that highlights greenery and organic elements mixed with flowers. A rustic wedding theme embodies a lot of unique charm, that makes your dream of the perfect, special day a dream come true.

Who wouldn’t want a rustic fairytale? After all, they are all the rage lately. Still not convinced? Well, here’s everything you need to know about choosing breathtaking décor for your rustic wedding!

Rustic Wedding Venue

To start, finding a wedding venue that fits within the rustic theme is necessary. But what exactly should you look for when you tour the property? Exposed beams, lots of wood features, and a beautiful country landscape will all be foundational elements for a perfect rustic wedding venue.

Many couples now hold the wedding ceremony outside with gorgeous, rolling, green hills as the backdrop. The barn would then be for the reception. If a barn is unavailable on the big day, check out ranches, farms, and country estates to tie in these rustic elements.

Simple Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

With a rustic wedding theme, you and your fiancé will not need to worry about extravagant centerpieces. Instead, you can keep your centerpieces simple yet elegant. Think of small wooden stumps with some flowers around a candle or the table number. Picture adding some string or fairy lights into mason jars and place flowers, real or fake, at the top of each jar.

Also, if you and your fiancé plan to use long tables instead of separating guests, you might want to replace cloth table runners with garland. You can also weave flowers into the garland and add tall candles or tea lights for extra dimensions. Simple, inexpensive touches are the keys to the perfect décor for a rustic wedding theme.

Rustic Wedding Floral Accents

Beautiful flowers flood every Pinterest board for rustic wedding planning, so you simply cannot ignore this critical wedding aspect. For your big day, you should research the type of flowers that will deliver that natural touch to your ceremony and reception! For example, wildflowers, roses, sunflowers, baby’s breath, or an in-season flower look exquisite in bouquets or even as accent pieces.

You can incorporate floral accents at the entryway to your ceremony or as aisle markers, weave them into the arch behind you and your partner, or have you and your bridesmaids wear flower crowns during the rustic event!

Different Lighting Options

Let there be light! Fairy and string lights, candles, and lanterns are common lighting options for a rustic wedding. So long as the wedding venue grants you permission, you might want to line the exposed beams inside the barn with string lights to add a warm ambiance to the area. For outdoor ceremonies, consider hanging fairy lights from the trees. The soft, warm glow will look beautiful for pictures and make everyone look their absolute best!

Not the biggest fan of fairy lights? Look into some lanterns and candles. Combine them together for a safe wedding day by having them be centerpieces, line them along the aisle, or hang them from the ceiling!

Incorporate Draping

Many couples use drapery at the entryway to their venue or even along the sides. Some common colors include cream, burgundy, white, and pale pink. Hanging drapes can make the area feel more intimate and cozier. To add an extra element, think about placing string lights above the fabric to throw a gorgeous glow above all your guests.

Wood & Chalkboard Signs

What’s a rustic wedding without having wood and chalkboard signs? Some crafty options for these additions include writing in calligraphy to direct guests during the reception, to welcome guests to the ceremony, or to display the seating arrangement. You could also use little wood signs for your table numbers.

Rustic Wedding Cakes

If you and your fiancé want to incorporate the theme into the dessert options, what better way than do to it with the cake? Consider choosing a buttercream frosting and adding rustic wedding elements such as gold trim, flowers from your bouquet, or a bit of texture to the layout of the frosting. Another choice is to follow the 2013 naked cake trend of having no or a small amount of frosting.

Finally, if you and your partner want to keep your wedding cake traditional, integrate your rustic theme with a rustic cake topper. Some of these toppers feature wood monograms, your new shared last name, or cute barn animal figures.

Plan & Decorate for Your Dream Rustic Wedding!

A rustic wedding is all about coziness, warmth, charm, and embracing natural elements. It’s the perfect theme for any couple that wants to have a blissful wedding theme. Say, “I Do” underneath the warm glow from the string lights inside a barn during your rustic wedding.

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