The Pros & Cons of Hosting a Weekday Wedding

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When news spreads that a friend or family member is getting hitched, we instinctively assume the celebration will take place on a Saturday or Sunday. But why not tie the knot on a Thursday or Friday evening instead?

Planning a wedding during the week might feel wrong at first glance, but this emerging trend keeps gaining momentum and now rivals destination weddings in popularity. Whether at an outdoor venue or a traditional banquet hall, hosting a weekday wedding comes with bountiful benefits, like saving money, smaller guest lists, and allowing customers to get married on their preferred day.

Are you and your fiancé trying to nail down the perfect wedding date, but weekends simply aren’t cutting it? Read on to learn the pros and cons of having a weekday wedding.

The Pros of Weekday Weddings

Many people foolishly label weekday weddings as taboo. But the future Mr. and Mrs. can enjoy certain rewards exclusively from weekday weddings. So, whether you’re planning a destination wedding or at a nearby event hall, here are some pros to having a weekday wedding:

Hire the Venue of Your Dreams

As newly engaged couples embark on the wedding planning process, they soon realize how quickly venues book far in advance, especially for a weekend wedding. Nonetheless, most reputable venues will ensure you receive the same white-glove service during the week as you would for a weekend wedding.

Also, if you and your fiancé plan a smaller wedding, you will reach the minimum number of guests, but that’s only a concern if your first-choice venue has a guest requirement. By planning a weekday wedding, couples have a higher chance of reserving an exquisite event hall without having to book it months in advance.

Couples Save a Ton of Money

Did you know the most expensive day to have a wedding is on a Saturday? For this reason alone, venues and vendors increase their prices to appease the demand. By reserving the venue for a date during the week, couples may qualify for a sizable discount.

Extra money in the bank allows couples to allocate funds to other aspects of the wedding, like décor or party favors. Moreover, most rates for hotel rooms become more affordable during the middle of the week, which benefits your out-of-town guests.

Keep Celebrating All Weekend Long

If you and your partner are planning your wedding on a Thursday or Friday, then turn your wedding into an adventure that lasts all weekend! Kick off your weekend with the ceremony and reception on a Friday night, then have brunch mid-Saturday morning. This will give your guests plenty of time to make travel arrangements home. Furthermore, some of your guests might turn the trip into an extended vacation – at least for destination weddings.

Smaller Wedding Guest Lists

Even though it is the couple’s big day, the wedding guests still matter. What is the point of getting hitched if you can share it with your loved ones? But even your friends and extended family may have other obligations during the week that they simply cannot ignore. Thus, smaller guest lists tend to be a natural occurrence in weekday weddings.

While it may seem like inviting as many people as possible would be ideal, creating smaller wedding guest lists is a blessing in disguise. Fewer people in attendance results in reduced food and drink costs, a more intimate atmosphere, and less stress with seating charts.

The Cons of Having a Weekday Wedding

Ask any bride-to-be and she will tell you that anything can go haywire during the planning process or even at the ceremony. Even though this is undeniably the happiest day for newlyweds, it’s still extremely stressful. So, before you send that security deposit to the wedding venue, consider these potential drawbacks to weekday weddings.

Expect Some Missing Guests

The weekdays are hectic, so it is quite possible that not all guests can attend your wedding. To ensure a sizable number of guests enjoy the celebration, make sure you mail out invitations and save-the-date cards, and run your wedding date past VIP guests. By getting the date out there as soon as possible, you give your guests enough wiggle room to request time off from work and make necessary travel arrangements.

Guests May Need to Cut the Dancing Short

Don’t expect the party to last until the early morning hours. Your guests may have responsibilities they cannot ignore. For example, a friend from high school might have a big meeting with his company’s Board of Directors the next day. Maybe your sorority sister from college has an early morning flight to catch. Or perhaps guests were simply too tired by the time cake-cutting came around. Whatever the reason, you must accept that it is not always possible to keep everyone around until the very end of the extravaganza.

Limited Vendor Availability

While getting the perfect venue during the week is easy, securing vendors often proves more challenging. Most venues only hire staff with weekend availability, making it difficult to promise the same level of quality service. Moreover, vendors may not have the necessary tools or materials to satisfy your unique needs. Depending on when deliveries arrive, disruptions to the supply chain can make it impossible to host a wedding during the week. Before booking your venue or vendors, ask if they already cater to weekday events; this will clue you into whether they are the appropriate vendor for your wedding.

The Reception Will Have a Different Vibe

In most cases, a weekday wedding will exude a more relaxed vibe than a weekend wedding – unless you have a destination wedding. While the big dance party will still happen after the ceremony, your guests might focus on what will happen the day after or later in the week. If you and your significant other want your reception to be the party of the year, consider having your wedding on a Friday or over the weekend.

Plan a Weekday Wedding Can Still Be a Dream Come True!

While weekday weddings are unconventional to many, they still yield several awesome benefits. So rather than compete tooth and nail with other couples for coveted weekend dates, consider hosting a wedding during the week.

Are you a newly engaged couple trying to plan their wedding? The wedding experts at Knowles Hospitality are ready to help you with all aspects of wedding planning. Dial (973) 732-2360 to speak with one of our team members for more information regarding your upcoming wedding.

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