Top Lighting Effects

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Wedding Lighting

Wedding Lighting

The top trend in wedding venue lighting is colorful washes of hued light, perhaps a pink hue during daytime weddings, and a warmer blue or purple wash of color during the evening hours. The entertainers will light their stage with vibrantly-colored lighting and effects, and the dance floor is often lit with gobo lights in patterns that stay put more often than nightclub-style moving patterns that can dizzy some older guests.

Wedding trend reports say that blinking lights may be used in the later dancing hours for a nightclub feel, but lighting during the dinner hour and earlier dancing hours is more subdued in an attractive wash that lends a glow to the room.

Uplighting is artfully arranged along the perimeter of the room, so that a deeper purple light may shine up the wall to spotlight a wall scone or décor piece. Ideally, the uplight will be a brighter, bolder version of the ambient light in the wedding ballroom, such as a deep purple uplight in a room awash with a more blush purple hue. Golden-toned uplights can brighten a room awash with a more yellow-tone daytime light, and uplights can also show off any décor trees that have been arranged around the outskirts of the room.

Downlighting achieves the same type of directional lighting in your wedding venue, with the lighting effect secured from above and shining down to light floor areas.

Specialty lighting may be arranged to enhance the wedding cake display; expert wedding lighting designers will look at a photo of your cake design and choose the perfect shade of color for its lighting to be most flattering. You don’t want too harsh a white light on your white cake, or it won’t look as impressive in person, in photos nor in video.

Chandeliers are a top wedding décor trend, and if your wedding venue features its own elaborate, stately chandeliers both in the ballroom and outside in the entry areas, you won’t have to spend a fortune renting lighting fixtures to be installed, framed with fabric to hide their affixing mechanisms, and decorated. Existing chandeliers have been cleaned and polished, and add a stunning charm to your wedding ballroom. On their own, they are décor enough to make the heights of your wedding venue stand out and impress your guests.

Fireplaces too rank among the top wedding lighting trends,especially in winter when they may be lit, or contain decorative racks of votive candles in colors or bridal white. Crystals, too, have been added to these décor candle racks in fireplaces for unexpected sparkle.

Top Lighting Effects

Top Lighting Effects

On surfaces, such as your bartop, include colorful LED lights to floral designs or attractive vases to add a warm glow to the area, or in more vivid colors to create more of a clubby atmosphere, and set the same LED light effects by any seating areas around your beautiful reception room. Using LEDs is safer than lit candles, especially on surfaces where guests may reach or lean across, and since they generate no heat, they’re prime décor items for used on any ice sculptures adding to your wedding décor.

The centers of your tables may be lit with pillar candles or LED lights inside your centerpiece vessels, and our top wedding coordinators have created dramatically lit boxes extending the lighting effect several feet above each table for a columnar glow that adds to the color scheme of the ballroom.

And don’t forget the outdoor areas of wedding reception halls that may be lit with hanging lanterns in the trees, strung lights in the landscaping and along terraces, as well as lights illuminated in pools, ponds and fountains for a romantic atmosphere outside your wedding reception venue, as guests may take strolls through the grounds in the evening air. We’ve found that our top wedding photographers take plenty of pictures of wedding reception grounds lit up at night, to add a sense of place and a romance to memories of the wedding location.

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