Top Wedding Trends: Reception Centerpieces

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Wedding Reception Centerpiece

Wedding Reception Centerpiece

The top floral designers create masterpieces for reception ballroom guest tables, and there’s a new wedding design trend calling for floral arrangements on additional tables, such as the place card table, the family wedding photo table, the gift table, entryway tables and in the restrooms. Wedding venues are being transformed into flower-filled dream settings for our New Jersey and New York City wedding couples, with the highest levels of artistry and design.

Here are the top trends in centerpieces:

  • Displays in multiple levels. It’s not just one, tall floral centerpiece on a guest table anymore. Wedding floral designers are using tall, mid-height and low-set floral arrangements to create a more eye-catching effect with more flowers than ever before.
  • Tall branches such as Manzanita tree branches, willow branches, flowering branches and other natural pieces add drama to reception room table centers.
  • Tall, wide glass vases containing water and submerged flowers are the holders for floral arrangement platters set atop these impressive columns.
  • Candelabras are back, in shiny silver, gold, bronze, with aged patinas for a romantic look, arranged with florals and candles.
  • Crystals hang from candelabras or the branches in floral arrangements, adding sparkle to the entire wedding ballroom in daytime and at night.
  • Centerpieces are more often composed with bright, vivid flowers in multiple hues than pastels, with the colors chosen to coordinate with table linens, and metallic centerpiece vessels are chosen to coordinate with silver or gold rims around place setting dishes and chargers.
  • All-white floral centerpieces are still popular for wedding décor, with multiple types of white flowers mixed together for fuller, more visually-interesting arrangements such as clusters of white calla lilies, roses, ranunculus, peonies, gardenias, stephanotis and orchids.
    Reception Centerpieces

    Reception Centerpieces

  • Low-set centerpieces are arranged in unique shapes of glass vessels, such as octagonal, square, and tall or elongated rectangular vases, perfect for placing two to four per oval or long table.
  • Tables are now more often set with a line of low-set flower arrangements and greenery extending along the entire middle of an oval or long table, with votive candles mixed in.
  • Daytime weddings may have dramatic and elegant floral arrangements as centerpieces; you’re not limited to more casual flowers such as daisies just because it’s light outside.
  • Couples on a lower wedding budget choose to incorporate more greenery in their table centerpieces to add more volume and color, with just a small collection of large, exotic flowers per piece to cut down on their floral budget.
  • Smaller low-set floral bunches and single-bloom bud vases set around a table centerpiece extend the look of a centerpiece outward, making it look larger as a whole effect and therefore more impressive on a lower wedding budget.
  • Floating flowers are still a top trend, with a larger glass bowl or vessel in the center of each table, clear or colored floral stones on the bottom of the vessel, water-filled to within two inches from the top of the vessel, and a large, single, dramatic flower floating atop the water.
  • Hydrangeas are a popular spring and summer centerpiece flower, but our top wedding floral designers say these blooms absolutely must be placed in a water source so they don’t wilt right away.
  • If you’ll center your tables with a collection of tall, medium and low-set pillar candles, place some floral blooms around their bases for a softer, more finished look.
  • Flower petals sprinkled on the tabletop is a look that’s fading a bit in popularity, with more couples opting to sprinkle crystals and other light-catching accents on the table linens around their centerpieces instead. Confetti is also fading in popularity for a formal wedding décor look, but wedding groups are using fun and festive confetti as table accents for less formal parties, such as the engagement party or bridal showers.
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