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The tide is changing for bridesmaids. Not only are the days of matching dresses gone for good, but the rise of mismatched colors and dresses allows everyone to look stylish and feel fabulous. This may sound like bad news bears for the bride, but in reality (when done correctly) having an amazing bridal party look creates gorgeous, awe-inspiring pictures, allowing a bridesmaid’s jubilance over the day shine through. From the ceremony to the reception, the bride and her tribe will command attention in coordinated attire.

Wrap Yourself In Snug Faux Fur

If rocking the same dresses is something that you’ve dreamed of all your life, don’t feel discouraged by the trendy mismatched dresses you can find splashed all over your Pinterest newsfeed. You can still have the bridesmaids in the same dress, but you can have your girls in different faux furs for an extra special twist. In fact, having your best gal pals in different styles and colors you can tie everyone together with the same faux fur stole for a common thread.

Take Inspiration From The Roaring ‘20s

Jay Gatsby-worthy bridal party looks have been on our radar for ages, but seeing as the new decade is upon us, we can smell the champagne and sequins from here. Have your bridesmaids flaunt glitter in bedazzled gowns reminiscent of the gowns of days gone by. If glitter is not your thing, you can opt for dropped waists and looser silhouettes for a more relaxed boho look. Trust us, your bridesmaids will thank you later.

Adorned In Angelic White

We already know what you’re probably thinking! We’ve all heard that guests cannot (and should not) wear white to a wedding. But all-white bridal parties are a slowly expanding trend that is absolutely stunning. If you don’t want to share all the spotlight you can have your girls in ivory, or mix trends and have them in nude gowns with white embroidery. This trend allows you’re bouquets to pop and makes every background pop.

Making Mismatched Styles Work for You

Alright, it’s time to address the enormous elephant in the room – mismatched dresses. There are ways to make them work that doesn’t make your bridal party look like a group of confused wedding guests. Adding matching accessories is one way to tie the group together as mentioned above. You can give the girls guidelines to follow for their dresses in terms of material, color, and length. Having common elements will make everyone look like they belong to the same group while following the trend of mismatched dresses effortlessly. If you’re nervous go with your girls to pick a selection of dresses to make sure the end product is something you’re happy with.

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