Winter Wedding Trends: Décor

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Winter Wedding Trends

Winter Wedding Trends

In addition to winter wedding flowers mentioned in our previous post, a number of top wedding décor trends have emerged this year. Again, our wedding couples like to avoid cliché red and white décor for their elegant winter wedding designs, choosing instead to use a blend of red, cranberry and plum to add more depth to their wedding décor style. The richer tones convey a more styled effect that our New Jersey and New York City couples prefer for their wedding celebrations.

Winter Wedding Colors

In addition to the red/cranberry/plum motif, a top wedding décor trend is using deep jewel tones such as purples, blues, and greens. A top trend in weddings now is the peacock feather combining these three shades, and we see more peacock-inspired effects for winter wedding designs.

Cream colors are also more in vogue, and to convey a sense of romance, wedding trend reports say that a trio of cream and champagne colors may be accented with deeper navy or auburgine.

Metallics are also top wedding ideas, with copper, bronze, and gold accenting elegant brown décor pieces such as table linens and branches in centerpieces. And silvers in the tablescape are set off by silver, glittering branches and silver centerpiece bowls or candelabras for more height.

Crystals add sparkle to wedding décor, so top floral designers are suspending strings of crystals, especially larger crystal pendants, from flowering branches in centerpieces, or from the candelabras themselves. Crystals in clear designs, or ones in jewel-toned colors catch the light of the wedding ballroom as well as candlelight, making the entire room sparkle with a rich, upscale, winter wonderland effect.

Lighting Effects

Color washes in blues and purples are the top wedding lighting effect now, adding a warmth to the room as well as an unmistakable winter theme to the ballroom. Ask about hued uplighting around the perimeter of the room, as well as downlighting where effective.

Gobo lights have long been used as wedding décor, often projecting the wedding couple’s name on the dancefloor. Now, gobos (metal disks cut in décor shapes affixed in a lighting projector) turn the dance floor into a wintry scene with oversized snowflakes chosen by couples who select a snowflake motif for their winter wedding décor, and we’re also seeing more starburst effects in lighting.

Candles are an essential part of any wedding décor plan, and at winter weddings, candles are often chosen in wide pillar effects, perhaps three or four varying heights, moreso than taper candles. Votive candle holders add extra flickering light effects to wedding venue tables, and a top wedding trend is to choose frosted votive holders to coordinate with larger, frosted hurricane lamps holding larger pillar candles. The frosted effect provides that ‘icy’ look so popular for winter wedding motifs.

Table Linens

Table linens with a bit of shine to them, or shimmery-effect table linens or runners, also reflect the ambient and candle light in the room. Now, a top wedding trend is to choose table linens in deeper, richer colors such as cranberry, deep purple, navy, chocolate or bronze. When you provide richer-colored fabrics, the contrast of plate colors makes your tablescape look more elegant.

Some designer table linens feature glittery pailletes (oversized sequins) to add extra sparkle to your wedding ballroom décor.

Winter Wedding  Decor

Winter Wedding Decor

Aisle Runners

They’re not just used for the wedding ceremony anymore, and couples who marry at their wedding reception site will often choose winter-color aisle runners for their ceremony and additional aisle runners to make the ballroom entrance even more upscale and elaborate. These aisle runners might be deep purple or blue colors with silver effects, hand-sewn crystals, the couple’s monogram initials, even a custom saying or quote.

Additional Décor

Focus on stairways with garlands of textured greenery and winter florals, and add extra sparkle to the sweetheart table with crystal accents to the tablecloth or runner, plus flattering candlelight to make your table the centerpiece of the room.

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