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Wedding ShoesWedding shoes are not always visible, but every bride knows that they are an especially important part of anyone’s special day. You need something that is going to fit your personality, your day, your outfit, and of course, your foot. There are many diverse types and styles of shoes to choose from, so how do you know which ones will be right for you? Here at Knowles Hospitality, we have compiled a list of assorted styles of wedding shoes perfect for any bride.

Classy Footwear for Any Wedding Style

Heels or flats, simple and classic, are always a good option. A nice white shoe will always pull a wedding look together whether it is a peep toe, pointed toe, or even a strappy sandal. With beautiful simplicity comes many benefits. It may be easier to find a less specific shoe in a more comfortable version and at more stores.

More brands are likely to make similar, simpler shoes, so if you fall in love with something that is not available in your size from a particular brand, make sure to keep looking. You may just find something remarkably similar with more comfortable insoles, or even a cheaper price tag.

A Sexy Pair of Wedding Shoes

Who doesn’t want to feel sexy on their wedding day? Why not get that feeling from head to toe! Try some pumps or stilettoes that will make your aisle feel like a runway. Though, before your wedding, practice walking in shoes that are taller than you are used to and bring a change of shoes for the reception. However, do not let that important advice scare you away from trying something new and fun. When will you ever get to walk in shoes like that again?

Of course, feeling sexy is not only possible by wearing high heels or a thick platform; it is whatever footwear that gives you that sexy feeling. Although that great feeling should be sought after every day, it is especially important on your wedding day.

Keep it Spunky

With a beautiful white dress, you need a pop of color! White shoes are beautiful, but your shoe is a chance to play around with something a little more unique. If you are nervous to play around with color, remember that your dress is long, and not a lot of people are going to notice anyway. And if they do notice, look out for all those compliments. Fun shoes are a fantastic way to put a little extra personality into your look.

Go for a Sporty Feel

Who needs heels when you can have cool and comfortable sneakers! White, neon, or even bedazzled, there are so many amazing sneakers to choose from that are just as beautiful as heels or flats, but they will not make your feet hate you at the end of the night. There are also so many ways to personalize sneakers to make them absolutely yours.

Brands like Converse and Nike have options to make custom sneakers, but you could also commission an artist to spice up your shoes or have a fun time DIYing them yourself.

Wedding Shoes for Bridal Style and Budget

No matter what you end up deciding to wear on your feet or anywhere else, Knowles Hospitality can help you make your day perfect! Connect with the Knowles Hospitality wedding planning team by dialing (718) 698-4433 today.

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