10 Things Every Maid of Honor Should Know

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“Here comes the bride!” Nothing is more exciting than getting asked to be the maid of honor at someone’s wedding. Although it is exciting it also can be nerve racking and the title holds a ton of responsibility. No need to stress! Being a maid of honor should be fun and exciting. Below we will break down 10 things every maid of honor should know on how to prepare for the big day ahead!

1. Be Available

As a maid of honor you are going to be responsible for a majority of things that have to do with the wedding such as answers to wedding invitations, helping plan the wedding, etc. As the chosen maid of honor you want to make sure you do answer any questions guests may have as well as make yourself available when the bride needs you. This will help cause less stress on the bride and groom and just make the wedding planning much easier.

2. Write Your Speech Ahead of Time

It would be in the maid of honors best interest to begin writing their maid of honor speech at least a month in advance. The reason? If you wait till the end this could jumble up with the rest of your maid of honor duties and you can become stressed. If you write your speech ahead of time you will have enough time to practice and get opinions of others before you go ahead and take the stage.

3. Have a Survival Kit

The day of the wedding can be amazing as well as a bit stressful. As the maid of honor it is ideal for you to create a survival kit to have on you just in case. This survival kit should include safety pins, Band-Aids, tissues, snacks, etc. Essentially in this kit you should have things that the bride might need last minute.

4. Be in Charge of Bridesmaids

It is important that as a maid of honor you are constantly checking in on the bridesmaids. Make sure everyone goes to their fittings, has the right shoes, and that everyone knows when things are happening. You are pretty much the ringleader when the bride is not present.

5. Planning the Bridal Shower

The bridal shower should be held no more than two months before the wedding. As the maid of honor you should help the bride chose a location, what the theme of the bridal shower will be, and if she wants a theme for the shower. Along with the bride compile a guest list and make sure you make invitations and send them out on time.

6. Plan the Bachelorette Party

Planning the bachelorette party can be super exciting! It’s the bride’s last hurrah before walking down the aisle. Ask the bride what she wants to do for the bachelorette party. Does she want to take a destination vacation? Or does she want to do something more local? Make sure you plan something she will always remember.

7. Be a Support System

Weddings alone are stressful enough. There are going to be moments throughout the wedding process where the bride is going to be stressed and might shed a tear or two. Let her know you are there for her no matter what. Let her know that she is your number one priority.

8. Give the Bride Your Opinion

The bride is going to ask you what you think of her dress, her hair, her shoes, etc. Make sure you are honest with her at all times. If she asks you for your opinion on a venue tell her honestly what you think. She will appreciate your honesty and your opinion.

9. Stick to the Schedule

It’s the day of the wedding and everyone is so excited. Make sure as a maid of honor that you are keeping an eye on the clock; it can be easy to get distracted. Make sure everyone is where he or she needs to be and make sure the bride stays ahead of schedule throughout the day.

10. Have Fun

Just because you are the maid of honor and have responsibilities doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Have fun enjoy the process of planning a wedding and enjoy the big day! Getting married should be a fun process, embrace every moment and have the greatest time with your best friend!

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