A Guest’s Guide To Interfaith Weddings

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interfaith-weddingsInterfaith weddings will probably be some of the best ceremonies you will ever attend. As the name suggests, interfaith weddings arise when two people from different religions or cultures come together in marriage, sometimes borrowing traditions from both parties. The bride and groom cherish these customs, making this type of ceremony stand out among the rest. It leaves guests feeling fortunate enough to be part of such an intimate gathering.

When it comes time to attend your first interfaith wedding, you may feel like a fish out of water. But taking some time to research rules and traditions may help you feel at ease. Having hosted many interfaith weddings, our wedding planners gathered up some tips for attending interfaith weddings.

Additional Dress Code Research

If the interfaith ceremony takes place at a religious venue, make sure to look into appropriate dress attire, which may include a combination of the bride and groom’s preferences and the venue’s dress code. For instance, if the ceremony takes place in a Catholic Church or a Jewish Synagogue, make sure to bring a shawl that covers up bare arms and shoulders on sleeveless dresses. Wherever the ceremony takes place, remember to come prepared in the correct attire for an interfaith wedding ceremony.

Read Your Materials During The Wedding

The invitation you received in the mail is bound valuable information about the entire interfaith marriage. More tech-savvy couples may even provide a link to a website with more helpful insights that the couple wants guests to know beforehand. If you find yourself feeling confused during the ceremony, take a look at the program. This should contain explanations and prayers written out for you so that you can participate and appreciate beloved traditions. That is the beauty of an interfaith wedding after all:  to share one’s culture and religion with close friends and family from various stages of a couple’s life.

Be Respectful And Keep An Open Mind

It’s a big world out there with many different opinions and beliefs. Don’t close yourself off to the experience. Instead, be respectful of the different religions showcased in the ceremony. Remember that this is a one-of-a-kind ceremony that displays the couple’s individuality, so it demands respect. You received an invitation to this interfaith wedding because the bride and groom wanted you in attendance, so it is important to open your mind to this new experience. This ceremony exists because two different faiths and cultures are coming together because two passionate people love each other and want to celebrate their faith. In celebration, they want to invite their closest friends and family to share this milestone of interfaith matrimony among others.

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