Top 10 Green Wedding Trends

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More brides and grooms are incorporating green wedding decisions into their big day, so that their big day is kind to the environment, and reflects the couple’s values. Many of our green wedding couples have planned garden wedding ceremonies and celebrations, choosing to marry outdoors in garden splendor, which is a top wedding trend for 2012.

Green Wedding Trends

Green Wedding Trends

 In addition to eco-responsibility, some green wedding trends actually save on your wedding budget, which you’ll see in our list of the Top 10 Green Wedding Trends:

  1. Ordering locally-grown flowers. A recent survey by showed that flowers were the #1 area of interest of green-minded brides and grooms, at 62%, since locally-grown flowers most often cost less than imported wedding flowers. A lower carbon footprint is another benefit of choosing local flowers.
  2. Choosing a local wedding venue. When guests and vendors don’t have to fly or drive long distances to your wedding location, a tremendous amount of energy is saved, not to mention money saved by a shorter trip to attend your day. Included in this is the trend of one-location weddings, marrying at the same venue where your wedding reception will take place. You’ll only have one locale to decorate, and you may not need to spend a lot on additional décor when the site’s natural garden wedding décor or ballroom setting are so beautiful. Green wedding couples love to choose already-gorgeous wedding locations to create the setting for their dream wedding.
  3. Serving organic foods and desserts. Wedding menus are now filled with delectable edibles sourced locally and responsibly, often supporting local family farms and eco-friendly growers. In-season, local produce and smart-sourced seafoods aren’t the only things on the menu; now, brides and grooms want responsibly-farmed meats, artisanal cheeses, and other food choices that come to the table without causing harm to the environment. Wedding cakes, truffles and other desserts are increasingly chosen for their organic goodness, made by eco-conscious bakers who meet the bride’s and groom’s request for organic desserts. Our wedding chefs and bakers work extensively with organic wedding menus and our wedding planners will share our list of eco-friendly wedding resources.
  4. Choose organic drinks. For your wedding bar list, as well as for other wedding celebrations such as the rehearsal dinner, organic wines, champagnes and locally-sources microbrew beers and other beverages are also on the menu, in great tastes and quality.
  5. Choosing eco-friendly invitations and print items. Wedding invitations, save the date cards and all other print items may be printed on high-quality recycled paper stock, using eco-friendly soy and vegetable inks.  A big trend now is cutting down on paper-printed inserts and having directions on an online personal wedding website instead of enclosing a map, and eliminating extra papers such as inner envelopes, liners and vellums (although organic vellums may still be used.) Thank-you’s must always be done in print card style, hand-signed…etiquette frowns upon emailed thank-yous, even if you think it’s the greener thing to do.
  6. Choosing eco-friendly wedding gown  materials, as well as dresses for the bridesmaids. Earth-friendly materials such as organic cotton, peace silk, bamboo and even soft hemp are popular wedding trends, and some gown designers specialize in organic dresses. Using an heirloom wedding dress is a popular green practice that can save hundreds, if not thousands, on the wedding budget. With the help of a pro seamstress or tailor, an heirloom dress can be cut to a shorter length, made strapless or sleeved, or transformed with other design style changes you wish. After the wedding, more brides, bridesmaids and moms are donating wedding dresses to benefit charities.
  7. Greening your wedding décor. Use plenty of locally-grown greenery in your wedding centerpieces, and incorporate heirloom or flea market-found vases and platters into your décor, just as many of the top New Jersey wedding planners do to find unique, vintage items for their wedding couples.
  8. Choose eco-friendly wedding rings. Couples are buying rings made of eco-friendly metals with eco-friendly stones, or they’re using heirloom rings and jewelry that saves the environment and saves on the wedding budget.
  9. Give eco-friendly wedding favors and gifts. Choose from organic chocolates, small potted flowers and herbs, charitable donation favors printed on recycled papers, and other green gifts. Also a top wedding trend: purchasing favors and gifts from local shops and artisans

Setting up a green gift menu. New Jersey and New York City wedding couples are adding eco-friendly items to their wedding gift registries. These range from organic, bamboo his and hers spa robes to EnergyStar™ kitchen appliances, and a green lifestyle can take shape by registering at home supply stores, local NJ garden centers, and charitable wedding registries supporting environmental groups.


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