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corporate events 2022Don’t count corporate events out just yet! According to The Balance Small Business resource center, companies (irrespective of size) use corporate events to bring workers together to develop interpersonal relationships that struggle to exist inside the structured office environment. Notable examples of corporate events include seminars and conferences, board and shareholder meetings, trade shows, executive and golf retreats, and company picnics.

While this concept seems plausible and critical for team-building, many employees typically dread corporate events due to their stuffiness and generally boring nature. But if your company wants to put on a fun, genuine corporate retreat, Knowles Hospitality has the resources and expertise to deliver an unforgettable event that strengthens team bonds.

Host an Appreciation Event

Appreciation events allow a company to spend time with their employees (or clients) in a non-traditional and informal atmosphere, working to build rapport and genuine relationships. Through this approach, both the company and clients/employees can learn more about business goals in a less stressful environment. You can brainstorm endless possibilities for the theme or activity of appreciation events, specifically an event at Knowles’ two beautiful venues in northern New Jersey.

For instance, you can host a festive holiday party to celebrate the season and reward your team for their loyalty and dedication. Bring in a band or performer that’s popular among employees for an intimate, exciting night. Alternatively, you could host a wine and cheese sampling, where guests can bring out their inner Parisian and enjoy time with coworkers. Regardless of the avenue you take, Knowles will help you put on a celebration that your employees will remember for years to come.

Celebrate Company Milestones

Whether it be an anniversary, a grand opening, or anything of that nature, company achievements beget a great reason to celebrate. Milestones also grant companies an opportunity to invite clients, vendors, or even community members to the party. To make these events fun for everyone involved, try catering food from fun or local businesses, and host a raffle with multiple prize baskets with all sorts of themes (such as a self-care basket, a movie night basket with popcorn, candy, and gift cards, etc.), or give out silly awards to recognize each employee’s individual quirks.

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate, remember to honor your employees and make them feel special through photos, apparel, or customized gifts. You want to show your team that upper management respects and values them; trust us, this will definitely incentivize employees to attend and engage in future events!

Product Launch Events

Product launch events, like a company milestone celebration, celebrate momentous achievements by generating buzz and media coverage around a new product. So by hosting launch parties, you’ll have an  awesome way to promote your company’s brand image, as well as connect with employees. Take after companies like Apple and Tesla, who seem to have perfected this model. Furthermore, you can host a themed party with coordinating colors, decorations, and entertainment, hand out merchandise for the product or company (such as Apple’s “swag boxes” for interns and employees), and create an exciting atmosphere for all involved to create hype around the new product.

Team-Building Events

Team-building events are possibly the most important and rewarding corporate outings you can host. The Balance Small Business says that team-building events are meant to boost employee confidence, goodwill, and morale. Many team-building events, though, can become monotonous and disingenuous if not done creatively, and with employee preferences in mind.

Set up engaging games with prizes, such as a puzzle or Jeopardy-style game show, a scavenger hunt, or a Clue-style mystery game. If you have a larger group, go outdoors to have a nostalgic “field day,” or create an escape room to facilitate quick thinking and communication. Keep employees engaged with activities they would realistically enjoy with friends and family.

Host Your Corporate Event with Knowles Hospitality

No matter the type of event you’re hosting, any kind of corporate gathering can be exciting and fun for everyone involved. Make sure to have conversations with your employees about what events they’d be most willing to attend, so everyone can have a good time. Fortunately, Knowles Hospitality has two gorgeous venues—The Manor and Pleasantdale Chateaux—where you can rest assured that your views and services will be of top-notch quality.  If these suggestions gave you any inspiration for your next event, look into booking Knowles as a venue!

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