How to Plan a Corporate Event for Spring

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You do not want all your corporate events to be identical, and seasonal changes provide the perfect reason to switch up your event set-up. As spring comes around in full force, there’s no excuse, but to make seasonal considerations as you plan your next corporate event. Knowing how best to adjust your planning to the time of the year isn’t always easy. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of tips to keep in mind when you want to incorporate some spring vibes into your next corporate event. These tips are for internal events held amongst the employees and staff of your company. These are great opportunities to build out the culture and values you want for your business and to reward your employees for their hard work throughout the year. Are you in charge of planning your next corporate event? Keep reading to learn how to spice up your next corporate event, spring-style!

Incorporate the Outdoors

As the weather gets nicer and the days get longer, it’s safe to say that everyone wants to spend more time outside. Incorporate spring into your next corporate event by hosting the affair outside. There’s no better decoration than temperate weather, a natural breeze, and blooming flowers! This works especially well for companies with tight budgets, too. You could use a space as cost-efficient as the parking lot right outside of your company doors. Finally, hosting an event outdoors also makes some “outdoorsy” themes possible, such as a “beach” party or paradise vacation theme! You can spice up your business’ parking lot by bringing in volleyballs, beach chairs, or a reggae band.

Inject Some Competition

What better way is there to do some team building than by including some healthy competition in your event? Not only fun but also productive, playing in teams can help promote teamwork and collaboration in the workplace. Employees will often have to work together to strategize or compete in order to win the game at hand. It might even be a good idea to include some incentive, like a gift bag or an extra personal day to make it even more exciting! However, these games should be inclusive, so that every member of the company can participate, if they decide to. Some possible options include mini golf, corn hole, or badminton. All are great, outdoorsy ways to break the ice and build some camaraderie amongst your employees.

Serve a Seasonal Menu

The spring season brings with it so many seasonal foods that we all love to enjoy. Think fruit salads, wraps, light sandwiches, and corn on the cob. An easy way to bring in a seasonal theme to your corporate event is to include any spring dishes in the menu that you serve. Consider choosing foods that are easy to serve and easy to eat, like a buffet for easy serving, or finger foods so employees do not have to sit down to eat. To bring in these delicious dishes and snacks, either order food beforehand or bring in a caterer.

Have Seasonal Décor

The outdoors cannot provide all the spring-like spunk that you’ll want for your event. Depending on your theme, or if you have a theme, spring decorations could take many different forms. Some potential options to consider are fresh flowers like daffodils and tulips, string lights, and pastel toned items.

Keep the Weather in Mind

Springtime temperatures vary, which you should keep in mind as you plan your corporate event. To prepare for weather mishaps like rain, thunderstorms, or brutally hot days, be sure to come up with a contingency plan to cover your guests. Think of having an alternate venue ready or renting a tent to shade and protect your employees from rain or the sun! If it is an excruciatingly hot day, be sure to keep everyone hydrated, specifically if you’re holding any movement-intensive activities or competitions.

Choose Knowles Hospitality Group for Your Next Event!

A stand-out company should hold stand-out events for their employees. Not sure where to hold your spring corporate event? The outdoor venues offered by the Knowles Hospitality Group are delightful and potential options to host your next gathering. We suggest that you think about choosing the sprawling gardens, woodlands, and meadows of the Pleasantdale Chateau. Knowles also offers expert service to ensure that your get-together runs totally smoothly. To get in touch with the Knowles Hospitality Group, dial (973) 325-1400 today. Your perfect spring event awaits!

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