Good Lighting Can Make Your Dream Wedding

 In Bright Ideas for your wedding

By Christopher Gellings, Director of Sales and Catering, Pleasantdale Château

LED uplighting and projected monograms are one way more couples are making their special day even more special. Though it does add to the cost of a wedding reception, uplighting can dramatically change a room and make it look even more festive and exciting. Lighting at the perimeter of the room in a color relevant to your décor, for example, really will complete the space. And if you really want to put your individual stamp on the festivities, brides and grooms can personalize the space by projecting a monogram of their initials.

If this appeals to you, make sure that the venue where you’re having the reception is suitable for the display. The size of the room, the equipment needed for the projection, the availability of electrical outlets, all should be discussed with the vendor well in advance. As with any vendor you haven’t worked with before, getting references and calling people who have used the service to enquire about their experience is a good idea.



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