Milestone Anniversary Party Trends

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Milestone Anniversary Party TrendsNo matter which anniversary you’re on, from first to 60th, your happy marriage is something to celebrate! Hosting an anniversary party gathers your kids, grandkids, relatives, friends, and special neighbors for a celebration of joy and the example of your marriage which can inspire everyone around The Infiltrator movie

Here are some of the top trends in milestone anniversary parties:

  • Plan an anniversary party at one of our top NJ restaurants, treating guests and the couple of honor to an unforgettable gourmet meal and desserts.
  • Plan a surprise anniversary party for the couple. Perhaps you’ll tell them they’ll just meet with your immediate family for dinner, and they soon discover that the extended family and their best friends are in attendance.
  • Incorporate details from their wedding, such as a framed photos from their wedding day, playing their wedding song, including in the menu a dish or two from their original wedding menu, a replicating the bridal bouquet from the original wedding (perhaps in smaller form) as a gift and a wonderful prop for photos. This bouquet may even be placed on a table of wedding photos and photos of the couple over the years.
  • Play their wedding video on a laptop or screen, so that guests can watch portions at their leisure.
  • Set up a guest book for guest messages to the couple.
  • Take wonderful photos of the couple together, as well as with their family and friends. A top trend is taking a group photo of all guests in attendance, perhaps out on the restaurant grounds.
  • If you’re planning your own anniversary party, perhaps even as a surprise for your partner, use some ideas you originally considered for your wedding but ultimately decided not to use. This gives you a 2nd chance to incorporate ideas you may have regretted eliminating back then, as well as new ideas you discovered online.
  • If you prefer a cocktail party style of celebration rather than a sit-down dinner, create a lavish menu of buffet, stations and hand-passed gourmet foods.
  • Include champagne and signature drinks on your bar menu, for plenty of toasts to the couple. And give your drinks personalized names tied into the couple’s names, personalities, and favorite things.
  • Design an amazing wedding cake for the perfect ending to your anniversary dinner. And pair it with your event venue’s pastry chef’s finest desserts for an indulgent end to the celebration.
  • If your guests of honor prefer earlier celebration hours, perhaps having more energy earlier in the day if this is their 50th+ wedding anniversary, a brunch restaurant party is an ideal trend.
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