One Too Many

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By James Levinsky, Banquet Manager, The Manor

A wedding reception is a wonderful occasion to eat, drink, and be merry. But often, with all the toasting and revelry, someone has a little too much to drink. So here are some practical tips to deal with over-imbibing:

If it’s you that has had too many, remember to drink water. Then drink some more. It won’t cure what ails you, but you’ll feel a little better come the morning. Listen and believe your friends, family or (gasp) your new husband or wife if they tell you, “It’s time to slow down on the drinks” or “Sit this next dance out.” (Then follow the advice above about drinking water.)

If it’s a family member that’s partying a little too heartily, remember that it often happens – no reason to be upset or embarrassed. Have an appropriate family member intercede. If you are the bride and your uncle has had too many, ask your dad or mom to intervene.

If it’s a friend, ask them if they’re having fun. They’ll likely respond with a “Heck yeah” or something even more emphatic. Your response of simply “I can see that” might be enough to send a strong message of moderation. It’s okay to use nonverbal clues like eye rolling to let a friend know if they’re getting a little too wild and crazy, too.

If it’s your boss, let him or her get totally crazy, and then they’ll owe you one. Just kidding! Handle him or her like a friend (just leave out the eye-rolling).

Whatever the relationship, don’t let tipsy guests drive. Have the telephone number of a local taxi company that can take guests home or to their hotel if needed. That’s an idea everyone can raise a glass to!

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