Wedding Emergency – Vendor No Show

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By Patti Carlin, Banquet Manager, Ram’s Head Inn

You’ve heard the old adage about the best laid plans going astray. Well, sometimes things don’t go according to plan on your wedding day. Maybe an important vendor doesn’t show up. Believe me, we’ve seen it happen. What to do? The first rule: Stay calm. Don’t panic. Turning into a Bridezilla certainly won’t help matters.
For example, let’s say the limo hired to take the bride to the ceremony doesn’t show up. First, have a friend who’s not in the wedding party call the limo company. Chances are they got stuck in traffic or got a flat tire, and are just a little delayed. If it’s a bigger problem, go to Plan B: Call any traditional car service. They’ll likely be able to send someone very quickly to pick you up. Don’t worry about appearances, either – few people actually ever see the bride arrive at the church or other wedding ceremony location.
Anticipate potential snafus beforehand and have a backup plan to deal with them. And rest assured that if your wedding is like the overwhelming majority of them, it will all come off without a hitch.

Have a great day!


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