Specialty Cocktails to go with your Wedding Theme

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SpecialtyCocktailToGoWithYourWeddingThemeYou’ve planned your wedding theme to reflect your favorite style or season, and in addition to planning themed wedding décor throughout your wedding venue, it’s now a big trend to reflect your theme in your signature wedding cocktails.

  • Here are some top trends in wedding signature cocktails that can help inspire you to match yours to your theme (so that when they’re presented in your wedding ballroom or outside in your wedding gardens, they’ll look even more impressive in matching your wedding colors and taste impressive when including seasonal tastes
  • Choose cocktails in your wedding colors. A pink margarita coordinates with your pink wedding décor, a red and orange themed wedding welcomes red and orange-hued drinks, while a ‘bouquet’ of floral toned-drinks looks lovely at a garden wedding.)
  • Have your mixologist create cocktails using tastes of your wedding season, like peach-flavored cocktails in summer, apple-flavored signature drinks in fall, and spiked hot chocolate in winter.
  • Create a signature cocktail menu that features drinks from your love story, such as the type of champagne or Prosecco that you enjoyed together when you got engaged, or the type of cocktail you always ordered at your favorite NJ bar when you were dating.
  • Name a classic or creative cocktail after some element of your theme, such as an Audrey Hepburn-inspired drink in Tiffany blue to reflect your Breakfast at Tiffany’s love, or an Old Hollywood wedding themed drink named after a Hollywood landmark, or favorite Golden Age movie or star.
  • Choose a cocktail that reflects one of your favorite places, like your original hometown or a city you’ve vacationed in together, such as a Hurricane to share the story of your first-ever getaway together for Mardi Gras, or offer a wine from the region in Italy where your family is originally from ( a top tip for Italian weddings.)
  • If you’ll have a garden wedding, ask your mixologist about floral flavors, like a hibiscus tincture or an edible flower as a drink garnish.
  • A new trend in wedding drinks is to offer a signature cocktail during the cocktail party, and then a signature drink (or signature drink list) at your dessert hour.
  • Choose specialty glassware to help reflect your wedding theme, like a copper mug for Moscow Mules or a mint julep cup for your spring wedding drinks list. Your wedding venue will have a variety of specialty drink glasses, so talk with your banquet hall manager about your wishes for specialty barware.
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