Spring Wedding Table Settings

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The spring season promises new life especially when joining two lives together in marriage. With blossoming flowers, warmer weather and sunshine brightening spirits, its no wonder planning a spring wedding is an exciting time for your budding romance. Whether you dream of a modern, romantic, whimsical or traditional wedding, the expert wedding planners at the Manor offer you both trending and timeless ideas to incorporate into your spring wedding table settings.

Colors of the Season

Color plays a big part in a wedding theme. When choosing your spring color palette, there are far more available options than typical pastel colors like lilac and yellow. Start planning your spring wedding table setting by selecting spring’s earliest color bursts for your table clothes, napkins, seat covers, vases and table runners.

There are many options to consider such as mixing a few bright shades, more soft muted tones or opting for a monochromatic style such as lavender, periwinkle, amethyst, lilac, iris, heather and mauve. For example, you can choose one color in various ombre shades for your table linens, and pair it with white flowers or greenery for a subtle classic look. Perfect colors for a blushing bride include rose gold, ballet slipper pink, peach and magnificent hues of magenta. Balance each soft color with grays, golds and whites. For a brighter color palette, feature mint in various tones coupled with a hint of crimson.

Fresh Flowers

During a spring wedding, brides have the best selection of blossoming and fragrant flowers to surround themselves with on their big day. Once you choose flowers that best suit your spring wedding floral arrangements, you then move on to deciding placement for each blooming bouquet. You don’t have to limit flowers to centerpiece bouquets; there are many other innovative and beautiful options. Why not incorporate a sole long stemmed fresh rose or tulip by tucking or tying it to a napkin for each place setting? The pop of color against a white linen napkin creates a refined style that each guest will appreciate. If a delicate flower doesn’t tickle your fancy, work in greenery and tie with satin ribbon in one of your wedding theme colors.

Looking for a bold and lush floral display? Consider live green table runners. Using long feet of greener, such as ferns, eucalyptus or bay leaves, live green table runners act as garland. A live table runner creates a romantic feel and fresh take from traditional centerpieces. Place one in the center of each table to run down the entire length of the table, or choose to have it cascade to the floor. You can choose to tuck in large white roses, or create ambience by surrounding with candles for a more romantic feel.

Innovative Vases

Considering a rustic or whimsical themed wedding? Celebrate vintage dress tabletops with antique tea or coffee tins, minnow buckets as these items hold flowers of any size and color. The retro label and staggered sizes look great on any sized table. If your wedding theme is more refined, transform this style by using different styles of teakettles. Instead of staggered heights, you can create a unified balanced height by placing old books underneath any of these items.

Table settings for floral displays do not have to appear clustered in order to look grand. You can achieve the same elegant look with understated table decor. Glassware such as bud vases offers a pretty and delicate look, especially when holding a large flower such as a peony. Choose to line tables with bud vases in sets of three or feature one parallel between every two place setting.

Linens in Light Textures and Prints

If you’re looking to break traditional white or black tablecloths, spring is the season to mix in pops of color. Select soft and airy fabrics such as cotton or you can take your rustic theme further with burlap fabric. Spring weddings are often celebrated outdoors; thus, skip the tablecloth and feature an organic look by leaving wood tabletops exposed. You can further celebrate the season by using subdued floral prints to play off your floral arrangements. When it comes to selecting dinnerware, choose metallic, gold, rose gold, or silver, to bring balance for one cohesive look.

Take A Seat

The wedding planners at the Manor can ensure your table settings will look divine. Whether your wedding is 80 guests or 200, each guest will be happily seated and surrounded by a beautiful table setting. Your materials and combinations are endless. The perfect wedding starts with the design.

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