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Once upon a time, a young girl began dreaming of the quintessential Quinceañera. Fast-forward a few years, and she already picked out a beautiful ball gown dress, crown, and shoes that match perfectly. The hairstyle for the night is planned, and her family dropped off the security deposit at the venue. All that’s left is planning the perfect makeup look to match the dress.

Turning 15 is the time to celebrate a young Latina’s transition into womanhood. So, everything needs to look perfect. Tying in the right makeup look that matches the dress is the final piece to complete your fairytale princess look.

A quinceañera is an important milestone and like every major event, it’s stressful and needs to be flawless. To ease the stress of picking out a beautiful makeup look, the party planning experts at Knowles Hospitality have compiled a list of makeup options that will match the color of your dress.

Pick Your Makeup to Match Your Quinceañera Dress

Quinceañera dresses are known for their vibrant colors. While you want your makeup to match your dress, the makeup needs to be subtle. If professional makeup artists choose eyeshadows that are as bright as your dress, the bright colors will overwhelm and take away from your beauty. Here are some makeup colors that will compliment your quinceañera dress.

Makeup for a Red Quinceañera Dress

Since ancestral times, red has been a look associated with sophistication, grace, beauty, and elegance. If your dress is red, look at natural eyeshadow colors like natural browns and bronzes. Top it off with red lipstick and winged eyeliner for a cohesive look. For girls who can pull off bold makeup, create a hot red smokey eye with bright red lipstick to make heads turn. However, if you are more conservative, opt for a neutral eyeshadow and lip color so your dress can arrest everyone’s attention.

Makeup for a Blue Quinceañera Dress

There is no rule in the universe that requires you to apply blue eyeshadow when wearing a blue dress. Leave blue eyeshadow to performers and models because it’s difficult to pull off. Depending on what shade of blue your dress is – whether it’s a light blue, aqua blue, or royal blue – neutral brown eyeshadows or create a smokey eye. If you want to incorporate blue into your makeup, use blue eyeshadow in the crease of your eye or even add blue eyeliner to make your eyes pop.

Makeup for a Purple Quinceañera Dress

A purple dress is a darker option than a traditional quinceañera dress, but purple has more makeup options available. With different shades of purple available, there are ways to incorporate purple into your makeup if you do not feel daring to pull off purple eyeshadow. Look into a brown smokey eye with accents of purple for a subtle look. It will look neutral and glamorous without going overboard.

Makeup for a Yellow Quinceañera Dress

Yellow is a color that exudes joy and happiness. While yellow is another color that’s hard for some to pull off, this color will still make you shine at your quinceañera. Take advantage of bronze or brown eyeshadows and a golden tint for you to shine like the sun. For lip color, keep it neutral or add red for extra glamor or mauve for a dramatic appearance.

Makeup for a Pink Quinceañera Dress

Embrace your femininity and innocence with beautiful pink makeup. Combine browns, greys, and subtle pinks together to make a unique look, or keep it classic with pink eyeshadows with white and peachy lip color for a girly appearance. Channel your inner Barbie with pink!

What about White Makeup?

White is the color of purity. Embrace your inner princess with neutral makeup that shimmers underneath the lights. Use a silvery white sparkly eyeshadow with light browns and glitter eyeliner. Tie the look together with a neutral pink or light brown lip shade that pairs perfectly with your desired crown.

Consider Rose Gold Makeup

For those who chose a rose gold dress, take advantage of using shimmer as much as possible. Pair nude pink lipstick with a shimmery golden eye look. Or even use a gold rose eyeshadow that’s the same color as your dress for a luminous approach. Compared to some other makeup choices, such as red or purple, rose gold will bring a modest approach and highlight your natural beauty.

Choose the Right Makeup Color for Your Quinceañera!

No matter what, your quinceañera is all about you! While there’s pressure for everything from the venue, the food, and your outfit to be perfect, your makeup choice is what ties your gorgeous outfit together.

Need help picking out the right makeup? Our celebration team at Knowles Hospitality has hosted a one-of-a-kind quinceañera. Contact us today at (973) 732-2360 to connect with a team member today!

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