How To Plan Your Party Around The Holidays

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Planning a Holiday PartyPlanning a party around the holiday season can be a joyous time of year to pull out all the stops for an incredible and festive event. However, there is etiquette to follow to ensure the guest of honor is celebrated on their special day. Whether you are planning a birthday party, Bat Mitzvah, Quinceañara, Sweet Sixteen, corporate event, anniversary, or a holiday wedding, the spirit of the season will only add more joy to your event. To get you into the spirit The Manor has gathered the best ideas for how to plan your party around the holidays.

Give Guests Notice

This time of the year is always hectic, between shopping, baking and decorating and school and work functions everyone’s schedule becomes booked solid quickly. To ensure all your guests can attend it is recommended to send out invitations at least 3 weeks in advance. Consider sending e-vites to ensure your party invitation reaches each invitee, taking precedence before another party. Be clear and specific on your invitations informing guests of the date, time, attire, what to bring, a theme, and if more than one type of even is being celebrated, such as a birthday in addition to the holiday.

Decorate Appropriately

Remember what holiday your event is around, when you prepare your invitations. Keep decorations neutral to please all of your guests, and also decrease the chance of offending anyone’s particular religion. Around the holidays everyone expects a holiday themed party. It can be nice break from the constant theme if you choose not to decorate around a holiday. A birthday or anniversary party without incorporating Thanksgiving or Christmas décor will still be a special shindig.The Shack streaming

Proper Gifting

For anyone who has a birthday that falls on or near a holiday, it is important to make the birthday, Bar Mitzvah, Sweet 16, Quinceañera and other birthday related events, stand on their own. Opt to not wrap presents in holiday paper, but rather specifically use birthday themed wrapping paper. Another way to celebrate a birthday and down play a holiday is to give bigger gifts on the birthday, and reserve small items for the holidays. It is advised to be mindful of the guest of honor and only purchase non-holiday related birthday presents.

Create A Surprise

For your event to stand out, try adding an element of surprise. For entertainment having a live band will surely spice things up. Fun activities also add something special to any event whether a birthday or a corporate dinner. Fun activities are a way of breaking the ice to get people better acquainted, out of their seats and letting loose. Providing cool favors and giveaways at the end of your event is also a great take-home surprise for your guests to enjoy. Attendees will be raving about your event for a very long time if you have any of these wonderful surprises for them.

How To Host

The smallest things on your to do list for planning an event are some of the most important. A great menu with a variety of dishes for your guests is important and this also includes having an ample amount of food to serve.  To avoid running out of anything or last minute runs to the store, properly staff your event to make sure everything runs smoothly. In addition, flexible seating is essential. Your guests must be able to move around when necessary to mingle with others. These are key portions to every event that you must have.

From the right type of decorations to know the right type of gift to give, planning your event celebration around the holidays you can be extra special with our party planning tips. The Manor is a perfect venue to celebrate your upcoming event whether an anniversary, birthday, Sweet Sixteen or combination of a holiday theme, our event planners can make it unique and memorable.

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