The Music for Your Ceremony

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By Lars Johnson, General Manager, Pleasantdale Château
The music selection for your wedding literally sets the tone for the ceremony. You’ve got a lot of options to consider – not only in terms of the music selection itself, but also the kind of musician or ensemble to play it. Do you want a harpist? A flautist? A string quartet, or Mariachi band? The truth is, you can use recorded music, but having live musicians can be a really nice touch. Keep a few simple rules in mind. First, make sure the choice of musicians is appropriate for the venue. For example, if you plan to have a harpist and your ceremony is outside, make sure that you aren’t underneath the path of low-flying airplanes – Your guests might never hear a note of music, otherwise. In a church wedding, organists traditionally provide the music, but duets singing Ave Maria or other classic songs are gaining favor with brides. We’ve seen family members who are opera singers lending a hand, or rather, voice, to wedding ceremonies, too. But we’re talking about trained singers. Your wedding is not a time or place for Uncle Al to show off the vocal talents he’s too old to showcase on American Idol. So put a little time into your music selection, and you’ll start your wedding ceremony off on the right note.



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