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For many couples, planning wedding favors can seem as strenuous as setting the date or booking the venue. The future Mr. and Mrs. want to continue to ‘wow’ their guests with useful keepsakes from the ceremony. Ideally, family and friends will treasure these gifts for years to come.

You and your partner don’t want to waste money on wedding favors that immediately end up in the trash. Luckily, you don’t have to bore attendees with recycled ideas. The experts at Knowles Hospitality selected a couple of exceptional wedding favors for your upcoming wedding.


Let’s start with simple favor ideas. Matches make for affordable wedding favors that truly withstand the test of time. Personalize the covers with the newlyweds’ first name and the wedding date, change the colors on the box, or match the cover to your wedding colors.

Depending on where you buy them from, they can come in assorted sizes, box types, and styles that will suit your wedding. Furthermore, your guests will enjoy them in their own homes whenever the need arises.

Bottle Openers

For those who enjoy a good drink, this is the perfect favor. Bottle openers are practical wedding favors guests will use at home. Bottle openers can boast a cute design, a little quirky, and even highlight a common interest between you and your partner. If you want to keep things minimal, then you can always opt to keep the classic look.

Customize this wedding favor even further with distinctive shapes. But don’t go overboard on the design because more features will translate to a hefty bill.

Can Koozies

Customizable can koozies are a fantastic choice! Koozies fit right over your preferred beverage, keeping it refreshingly cold. Koozies make the perfect gift when you know your guests host summer parties and barbeques, spend summers at the beach, or have an exotic getaway planned. This is another budget-friendly option if the happy couple isn’t looking to break the bank. In addition, you can customize and order in bulk!

Striking Succulents

Incorporating mini succulents as wedding favors is a crowd-pleasing idea. They don’t take up too much space and require minimal care. Further, they can add a little bit of green to your guests’ lives. Your guests can keep these in their homes or put them on their desks at work. Want an even cuter idea? Place craft wire that has a spiral at the top of it to transform them into place cards. You’ll guarantee everyone will go home with one.

Charming Candles

For complete assurance that your guests will use the wedding favors, go for candles. We recommend buying them in bulk. However, you and your partner could create your own and add a signature scent that you both love. Also, the candle can match the wedding theme. However, if a more basic candle with a custom label on the lid is more affordable and manageable, go with that choice.

Alcohol & Boozy Drinks

If you know most of your guests are old enough to enjoy some libations, then consider handing out small bottles of alcohol. Whether your wedding reception offers an open bar or not, there’s a high chance you’ll see a litter of empty bottles on each table.

During the reception, have your guests enjoy them throughout dinner or dessert. For example, if you choose a dessert drink, such as homemade Limoncello, have them enjoy it as they eat their cake. Other options to consider include gifting wine or a small bottle of hard liquor (tequila, vodka, Jägermeister, rum, etc.). For DIY fans, place custom labels on the bottles with a clever pun or something as simple as the wedding date. Certainly, this wedding favor will not end up in the trash bin.


There’s always that one guest who loves a few songs that the DJ or hired band plays during the wedding reception, but they can’t remember or don’t know the title of the groovy song. Create mixtapes or burn songs onto a blank CD and hand them out to loved ones.

Whether you and your partner created the playlist, or the DJ chooses the set list, you’ll hand out this ‘blast from the past’ favor. Either create a CD with a pretty cover with a list of songs attached or written on the blank CD or find a mini flash drive that comes in a cassette tape case. Plus, they’re super simple to make and will not eat away at your planning time.

Lavish Luggage Tags

Gifting luggage tags as a favor will prove helpful for a destination wedding. If you plan on printing names onto these tags, then use them as place cards to get your money’s worth. There are many distinctive styles and options with luggage tags. Customize them with a catchy phrase, or steer away from the classic shape in favor of a flower or a cloud. This can be as versatile as you want!

Unique Wedding Favors That Every Guest Loves!

No matter what you both decide on for your wedding favors, your guests will cherish everything. From pictures that are on their phone, to having the option of a photo booth, or taking home their favors and the program of the day, everything will be memorable.

Our wedding planning experts at Knowles Hospitality are ready to help plan unique favors for your treasured wedding guests. Contact us at (973) 731-2360 and talk with our expert planners about different wedding favor choices!

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