Tips for Planning an Unforgettable Honeymoon

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So, you and your partner finally decided to tie the knot. Congratulations! While your mind might already rush to thinking about the wedding, your dress, your color scheme, flowers, décor, and more, don’t forget to consider the vacation after the celebration. The honeymoon serves as the perfect time for you and your new spouse to forget all the stress and finally enjoy a much-needed rest.

So, how do you pick the perfect honeymoon spot? Keep reading this guide created by Knowles Hospitality to discover some awesome honeymoon destinations.

Start Planning the Honeymoon Early

Since you dedicated most of your focus to the wedding planning process, you do not want your honeymoon to creep up on you. Get ahead of yourself by keeping the honeymoon on your radar. Most experts recommend planning your honeymoon anywhere between six to twelve months before your wedding.

It might seem early, but between settling on a destination, figuring out travel plans, and an itinerary, time will fly! Create the best honeymoon plan for you and your spouse by setting the time aside early to figure everything out.

Pick a Honeymoon Destination Together

What destination will satisfy you and your hubby? The answer will vary for every couple. The world is your oyster, so consider every possible option when brainstorming destinations. To make the vacation extra special, pick a place the both of you have not yet visited.

Additionally, choose a destination that sparks your interests. If you both like to explore and learn about history, then hop on a plane to Rome, Munich, Machu Picchu, or Mykonos. If you both desire to lay around and soak in the rays after your wedding, we do not blame you! Destinations like Bora Bora, Turks & Caicos, Antigua, the Florida Keys, or Fiji might be up your alley.

Settle on a Realistic Honeymoon Budget

Weddings – while beautiful – cost a pretty penny. Even if you cut corners and opt for budget-friendly services, the bill still quickly adds up. You don’t want to blow away your savings and change your travel plans, so make sure you set a honeymoon budget ahead of time. If your top-choice destination falls within your budget, or you do not have the time to feverishly search for all the best deals, consider hiring a travel agent to help.

For important trips like this, a travel agent will take a lot of stress off your shoulders by booking your flights, hotels, day trips, and more for you. Even better, they already know where to look for all the best discounts. Your travel agent will help you stay within your budget and advise you on what is a reasonable budget for where you want to go.

Don’t Forget to Treat Yourselves!

Though you should not get too in over your head, don’t forget to treat yourselves! You two just got married, so celebrate in style while keeping the costs maintained. Hopefully, you will only get married once, so why not opt for special experiences? If it’s within your budget, take that first-class flight. Get a bigger room with more amenities. Book a reservation for a fancy restaurant.

Your honeymoon should be one of the most special trips of your life, so why not splurge just a little? Spend that extra bit on whatever you and your spouse decide would make the trip truly unforgettable.

Craft the Optimal Honeymoon Itinerary

Wherever you decide to go, no doubt you’ll encounter new cuisines, exciting landmarks, and friendly people. Crafting an itinerary before you leave will ensure that you do everything you want to before heading back home. If you decide to use a travel agent, then you have already simplified the process. Your travel agent will find the perfect tours or figure out what makes sense to experience each day.

If you want to plan your trip yourself and have a ton of places you want to explore, do not forget to plan some downtime. You should relax on your honeymoon, and not stress out about missing any major landmarks or sights. You may not always have the funds or time to plan another vacation, so enjoy some well-deserved relaxation.

Plan the Perfect Wedding with Knowles Hospitality

For recently engaged couples, the thought of planning a wedding can be anxiety-inducing. Even though your wedding day should be one of the happiest days of your life, it involves months of coordination. If you need help planning your wedding, look no further than Knowles Hospitality. Our company has been in the hospitality business for six generations.

Get in touch with our experts to start creating the wedding of your dreams. Dial (973) 731-2360 today to connect with our wedding planning team.

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