Top 5 Trendy Prom Themes for 2023

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Your 2023 prom should be a night to remember — full of special memories that will last for a lifetime!

Prom has been an important rite of passage in American high schools for nearly 100 years. Short for “Promenade” in French, this special event can trace its roots back to 19th-century debutante balls within high-class society. Nowadays, high schoolers celebrate prom together with their special someone and group of friends and compete for the glorious status of prom king and queen!

For prom this year, our expert party planning team at Knowles Hospitality has put together this list of the top trendy prom themes — from masquerade ball to enchanted forest to iconic couples — to help make prom an unforgettable night with the perfect look.

1) Masquerade Ball Prom Theme

Masquerade balls are a timeless, classic theme for prom. With the rise of the 19th-century Regencycore trend from the hit Netflix show, Bridgerton, this theme quickly surged in popularity last year.

To lean into Regency era aesthetic, decorate with hanging wisteria, candles, dusty blue tablecloths, lace table runners, and silk rose petals. Opt for a refined color palette of regal or light blue, pale purple, pastel pink, yellow, and white.

For the perfect elegant attire, try a structured corset with a lovely tapered waist and boosted bust. Choose either a lace-up-back corset or a sheer-bodice dress with corset boning. For a modern approach, go for a high-side slit or a fit-and-flare lace bottom. Pair this fashionable dress with a mysterious Venetian mask to feel like the belle of the ball for this year’s prom.

2) Iconic Couples Theme

What could be more romantic than the iconic couple’s theme for prom? Dress up as your favorite couple of all time — with a date or even a close friend. Think Baby and Johnny Castle from “Dirty Dancing,” Beauty and the Beast, or Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

This year, Barbie and Ken will be one of the most popular couples — thanks to the rise of the hot pink Barbiecore fashion trend. The highly anticipated release of the new Barbie film this July has only heightened the fad phenomenon.

For the show-stopping Barbiecore look, start with a hot pink one-shoulder maxi dress. Throw on matching Mary Jane platform pumps for an extra boost. For an effortless, chic look, go for an open-back satin dress, paired with studded stilettos for an outfit that screams Barbie. To match perfectly with your “Ken”, put together a stylish suit and pastel shirt, paired with snazzy white loafers.

3) Enchanted Forest Theme

If you want to charm this year’s prom guests, choose the enchanted forest theme. Sweep everyone into a magical fairytale story for this special night.

Go for whimsical, ethereal decor. To mark various locations, place handmade wooden signs with painted text, covered in hanging vines. Around the room, install garden-themed decor — like paper flowers, mushrooms, birds, butterflies, and fairies. Add pastel-colored balloons and golden fairy lights for the final addition.

For fashion, keep an eye out for one of Pinterest’s top searches in 2023: the “airy style.” An offshoot of the fairycore aesthetic, this trend highlights imaginative and ethereal fashion — like last year’s goddess and balletcore trends.

Choose a classy, sheer dress with puffy lace sleeves to recreate the “airy style” look. For a lovely multi-layered outfit, start with a sheer bodysuit and build from there — with either a tulle ballet skirt or sleek suit pants. Keep it low-key with a pair of satin pointed ballet flats. These comfortable shoes will make dancing the night away feel effortless.

4) Under the Sea Theme

Make a splash at prom this year with a fun Under the Sea Theme. Combine the nostalgia of an ocean-themed party with classy decor for a truly unforgettable night.

For the decorations, stay minimalistic. Work from a limited color palette of light turquoise and sandy hues. Hang paper lanterns of fish and jellyfish from the walls and ceiling. Add seashells, coral reefs, and other cute sea creatures to jazz it up. For the snack table, get creative with sand dollar cookies, mermaid cupcakes, and blue fruit punch.

To match the ocean vibes, look for a beautiful mermaid-style dress. The form-fitting bodice and flared skirt will craft a shapely silhouette that will turn heads for this year’s prom. For the neckline, try a strapless or off-the-shoulder dress for an extra pop. Glam it up with sparkly sequins in royal blue, silver, or gold — and feel like the most effervescent girl in a sea of prom attendees.

5) 1980s Retro Theme

It’s time for an ‘80s retro throwback! For this year’s prom, travel back in time to one of the most iconic eras of pop culture.

To create the ultimate party atmosphere, decorate with ‘80s records, movie posters, vintage games, and neon colors. Set up a photo booth with fun accessories, like neon shutter shades, Rubik cubes, multicolored wigs, and more — for guests to create lasting memories of their special night.

For outfit inspiration, flip through vintage editions of Seventeen Magazine from the ‘80s for iconic celebrity looks. To make a bold statement, go for a flowing candy pink big bow strapless dress — or a metallic silver bodice with a big white bow in the back. Remember to complete the look with statement accessories! Think of large chunky earrings, fishnet gloves, and layered necklaces for some extra bling.

Have The Night of Your Life at Prom!

It’s never too early to start designing your outfit for prom. Dance your heart out with your significant other and friends at your high school prom!

These trendy prom themes for 2023 come from Knowles Hospitality, northern New Jersey’s premier wedding venue for over six decades. Looking for a perfect venue to host your high school’s prom? Contact us at (973) 732-2360 to connect with our prom planning team today!

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