Simple Manicure Ideas for Your Senior Prom

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For many American high school students, prom becomes a top priority once junior and senior year roll around. Young ladies will get their exquisite dresses ready, choose the right pair of heels to match their dresses, and decide on a gorgeous hairstyle. Meanwhile, the men will match their tuxedos to their dates’ dresses. Now all that is left is to paint a matching manicure to tie the outfit together.

Whether you seek a simple, classic nail look, want to make a bold statement, or wish to follow a new celebrity trend, there is a manicure design for everyone! Need help ‘nailing’ the perfect prom manicure (pun intended)? The party planning experts at Knowles Hospitality gathered a list of simple manicure ideas for you to rock at your senior prom!

The Classic French Manicure

For a simple, classic look, you will want a French manicure. This timeless and elegant style pairs so well with about any outfit – no wonder why this manicure is a treasured prom staple. Don’t have the extra money or time to get your nails professionally done? Not a problem – it’s easy to do a French manicure at home!

Paint your nail with a sheer pink or nude color and then add a slim white line at the top of each nail. Voila, you just finished a French manicure! If you want to stand out from the classic white, try painting on another color or add an extra line of glitter polish to elevate your manicure.

A Glitter & Gem Manicure

For gals looking to make their nails as sparkly as their dresses, add some tasteful, eye-catching bling to the manicure design. Trust us – you will sparkle on the dance floor! Adding glitter nail polish at the tip of your nail or covering a solid color nail polish can further amplify the sparkle factor. Also, try to add a subtle sparkle for a soft vibe with a little bit of shine.

Need some additional inspiration? Scroll through social media or chat with your manicurist to incorporate gemstones and rhinestones, or have one nail completely blinged out.

3D Nail Art Manicure

Are you feeling adventurous and looking to try something new? Then research nail art and 3D nail designs! 3D nail designs are popular among celebrities but are also an emerging nail trend! Nail art designs range from simple and elegant to textured and unique.

For a simple look, paint polka dots in an unusual color on each nail or take assorted colors and create unique lines or waves on a few nails to add some dimension. Think about texture, gems, studs, bubbles, and chains to enjoy the biggest and boldest nails at prom.

The ‘Glazed Donut’ Manicure

Can’t find a manicure style that suits your prom dress? Then you may want to jump on the celebrity bandwagon by experimenting with a Glazed Donut Manicure. Glazed donut nails look exactly like you might imagine—this trend makes your fingertips look like they are covered in a glossy, milky frosting. The overall effect is a pearly, moonlit-white manicure.

More specifically, the look involves a neutral nail color topped with a light chrome powder to create the ‘Glazed Donut’ effect. One new variation style is the Chocolate Glazed Donut look which includes a neutral color brown, once again followed by a chrome or shimmer color.

Get Your Nails Ready for Prom in 2023!

Whether you stick with the classic French manicure, go bold with glitter and gems, try 3D nail art to make your manicure design customized to your liking, or follow new celebrity style trends, the opportunities are endless!

These simple manicure ideas come from Knowles Hospitality, a premiere wedding and celebration venue in Northern New Jersey for over six decades! Are you ready to celebrate your high school senior prom? Contact us at (973) 732-2360) to connect with one of our prom planning experts today!

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