Trendy Prom Hairstyles for 2023

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Do you have your prom dress picked out but aren’t sure how to wear your hair to match? Knowles Hospitality has you covered for inspiration with this list of trendy prom hairstyles for 2023 that range from casual to more formal styles. Prom day is equal parts about your dress, your makeup, and your hairdo, so don’t leave planning out this aspect of your look to the last minute! You won’t want to have an incomplete look for pictures that will provide memories that are sure to last a lifetime. Here are some trendy prom hairstyles to rock your 2023 prom.

  1. Flowery Princess Hair

This hairstyle is all about bringing nature into your hair style to give you a fairy-tale like appearance. To style this bohemian look, all you need to do is add some sort of flowers to your hair or consider making your hair look like a flower itself, like making a bun that looks like a rose. Other ideas include putting little flowers, real or artificial, throughout your bun style, within a braid, or tucked behind your ear.

  1. Hollywood Waves

Considering the glam that it adds to your prom outfit, this look is relatively simple. The Hollywood waves are a staple look that involves putting your hair all to one side and having loose, flowing voluminous curls. Inspired by the classic Hollywood red-carpet look, these waves can easily be done at home! All you need is a curling iron with a barrel size of 1 ½ inches, hair spray, a paddle brush, and a comb used to part your hair to one side. Be sure to use lots of spray to ensure that your curls stay all night long. Worn for generations, this style is soft, simple, and sophisticated.

  1. Loose Fishtail Bun

This option is a half up half down look, centered around a fishtail bun. Basically, you curl the bottom half of your hair, and then put the top half of your hair into a crown-style up-do that’s tied together into a loose fishtail braid bun. To make the fishtail, split the top half of your hair into two equal parts, left and right sides, fishtail each side, and then twist the braids together in the back of your head into a bun. Then, be sure to secure the up do with bobby pins. Although this look is easy to create, it looks incredibly intricate. The key is to tease the top half to give the crown a bigger, fuller appearance.

  1. Side Ponytail

This is an even simpler, classic choice. Particularly meant for those with longer hair, this look would pair perfectly with a more elaborate dress or makeup look. All you do is straighten your hair, tie it into a low side ponytail, and conceal the hairband with a strip of hair. Be sure to secure the top of your hair and avoid fly-aways with hairspray to create a sleeker, fancier look. To add more volume to this hairstyle, you can curl the pieces of the ponytail.

  1. Messy Bun

Once again, if you’re donning a more stand-out dress, it could be a good idea to keep it simple up top with a classic bun look. This style is self-explanatory, but you might consider enhancing it by taking out and curling several hair strands to frame either side of your face. This look does not have to be particularly “basic,” since you can easily make it fancier with a smoky eye or a bold lip for an extra wow factor. All you need to do is make a ponytail where you want the bun to sit, create the bun, and then secure it with a hair band and bobby pins. Don’t forget to hide the band with your hair!

  1. Up-Do with an Ethereal Headband

Up-dos have been a prom and wedding staple for years now. But we suggest that you amp up this look with a glittery headband that will add some extra shine and glamour. This addition can complement and enhance whatever up-do calls your name and could include adornments like rhinestones or pearls.

  1. Straight Hair with a Middle Part

This option is about as sleek as it gets. To achieve the straight, middle part style, just straighten your hair and use lots of hair spray to avoid fly-aways on the top of your head, and then part your hair directly in the center. This idea would work perfectly with a more elaborate dress, since it allows you to keep it simple hair-wise, while still looking super chic. Be sure to condition your hair amply in the days before, so your hair has extra shine!

  1. Crown Braid

Who needs a real crown when you can wear a crown braid? It’s amazing the sorts of illusions that hair can create, and this one might take the cake for us. French braiding your hair across the top of your head, like a halo, will have you feeling like a princess. It’s also a super versatile style, since below the braid, you have the choice to either straighten or curl the rest of your hair.

Getting Prom Ready with Knowles Hospitality

The best thing you can do to prepare for prom day is to think ahead about the look you’re aiming to achieve. We hope that this list provided you with some inspiration since the most important aspect of prom is enjoying yourself and making memories you won’t forget.

Prom is not the only event that you’ll have to get glam for in the future. Knowles Hospitality has a host of venues that are perfect spaces to use for weddings, engagement parties, and gatherings with loved ones. Give us a call to make sure those events go off without a hitch in one of our ideal locations: (973)-325-1400.

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