Top Garden Wedding Trends

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Garden Weddings

Garden Wedding

An outdoor wedding brings your wedding ceremony, and perhaps your reception as well, out into the open air. A garden wedding is, naturally, an outdoor wedding taking place in a garden setting – surrounding you with beautiful landscaping, ponds and fountains that add a romantic quality to your big day.

With all the natural beauty of a garden wedding setting around you, you won’t have to do (nor spend) very much to complete your dream wedding scene. But there are a few top trends for garden weddings that may inspire you:

  • Aisle Runners. These colorful, floral, crystal-embedded, personalized paths to your happily ever after can be used on a solid under-surface on a grassy ceremony spot, or you can line the entrance to your wedding site, or the concrete or cobblestone entrance points to your garden wedding. Aisle runners add color, sparkle and customization to a wedding day, and provide that celebrity wedding style that couples look for – done in an elegant way – for their outdoor weddings.
  • A decorated trellis or chuppah. While some couples are decorating their trellis or chuppah with elaborate collections of flowers and greenery, others are using colorful fabrics arranged in artistic folds and drapings to create a lavish focal point for the ceremony, one that still works with the garden wedding setting. Fabric may be pristine white, or a solid color to match the wedding flowers. Tie-backs may be decorated with florals or crystal embellishments.
  • Each guest seat takes on colorful appeal with the addition of a colored seat cushion. Choose from a monochromatic color scheme, or pair two different colors for every other row, or to delineate between the first few rows and the next few rows.
  • Seat covers also add colorful flair to wedding décor. New trends in wedding décor have introduced fashionable seat covers including those with ripple effects, paillettes and other attractive accenting.
  • Lighting effects aren’t needed for a daytime wedding, but for an evening outdoor wedding, arrange for lighting to be hung from posts, trees, the trellis, and other existing structures, according to our sites’ regulations. A sunset ceremony lit magically can then lead into an indoor cocktail party and ballroom reception, so a few well-placed ceremony garden site lighting effects can create a gorgeous setting, on a budget, for your garden wedding.


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