Wedding Budget Tips for Flowers

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Wedding Budget TIps For Flowers

Wedding Flowers

If your dream wedding design features thousands of flowers, in full bloom and creating spectacular décor for your ceremony and reception, you can get an even more dramatic floral effect on a budget by following these top tips:

  • Always buy flowers that will be in-season at the time of your wedding. In-season flowers are more plentiful and therefore cost less.
  • Choose more locally-grown flowers. Your wedding floral designer can show you images of terrific, unique flowers and wildflowers grown native to our area, which will often cost a lot less than flowers that have to be imported from exotic areas.
  • Choose non-bridal flowers that may cost less. Some flowers are considered more ‘bridal’ than others – such as white roses, gardenias, calla lilies, stephanotis, and others – and at certain times of the year may cost more. Instead, look at unique flowers such as zinnia, ranunculus, and especially the top trend peony for beautiful effect on a budget.
  • Loosely-bunched wedding bouquets are in for a more romantic look, which means fewer flowers may be needed.
  • Tall flowering branches are in, adding height and structure to wedding centerpieces on a budget.
  • Use just three or four expensive flowers per arrangement or bouquet, and fill in the rest with beautiful, budget-friendly flowers like roses, peony, and daisies.
  • Use more green filler flowers that add a natural look that fills out wedding florals without adding to the cost.
  • Talk to your floral designer about what makes a particular kind of flower pricier than another. It may be that a single plant creates hundreds of flowers, while another type of flower is grown one per plant.
  • Choose a garden wedding location that’s already planted with lots of gorgeous flowers and green plants, so that the setting is already created and you won’t have to pay a lot to decorate the site further.
  • Order smaller bouquets for your bridesmaids and flowergirls.
  • Choose a simple design for the boutonnieres.
  • For wedding centerpieces, opt for low-set clusters of flowers paired with single blooms in bud vases, all arranged in a line across the center of each guest table.
  • For taller reception ballroom arrangements, florals can be set on top of a tall, water and light-filled vase for height and drama.
  • Coordinate flower colors with your table linen colors to create contrast, making each table look more ornately-decorated, which adds up to a stellar décor effect in your wedding ballroom.
  • Be flexible with the types of flowers and greenery used in your décor. Your floral designer might find very inexpensive blooms at the market on the weekend of your wedding, saving you money or getting you a greater floral effect for your money.


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