Honeymoon Timing

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Honeymoon Timing

Honeymoon Timing

When do you plan to depart for your honeymoon? The day after your wedding? Several days later? According to the latest wedding trend reports, more wedding couples are delaying their honeymoon departure by at least 24 hours after their wedding day.

They don’t want to wake up at 5amto catch a plane to their honeymoon destination, especially after being out until the wee hours at their wedding after-party. And they certainly don’t want to miss out on the morning-after breakfast, and additional time spent with family and friends.

Wedding couples also say they like to have a day or two after the wedding to organize their wedding gifts, deposit their wedding gift money, clean their home if they entertained there during the wedding weekend, pack, and view instantly any wedding photos and videos posted online by their wedding guests or wedding photographer or videographer.

Taking a few days before departure lets them decompress a bit from the excitement and overwhelm of the wedding celebration, so that they’re not zombies on the plane headed to their honeymoon locale, wasting two days there getting their energy back.

Some wedding couples schedule massages for themselves on the day after the wedding, at their own massage center or gym, and some simply want to bask in their newlywed glow in their own home.

When planning your departure date, keep in mind the honeymoon budget aspects of traveling on a Saturday versus a Monday, as well as any budget breaks you might get from your honeymoon resort for staying Monday until Monday instead of Saturday until Saturday. Sometimes, the unusual time block can create a budget break. And if you find that flying on Saturday creates a better budget plane fare, you might opt to put off your honeymoon for an entire week. Or longer. Some couples wait months for the timing to be better, such as teachers who marry in April, but have the summer off for their July honeymoon.




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