Top Wedding Cake Trends for 2015

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Top Wedding Cake Trends for 2015One of the main focal points of any wedding ballroom is the beautifully-lit wedding cake, designed to your vision and promising guests a delicious experience during the wedding dessert hour. Your wedding guests will marvel at your wedding cake’s design and you too will be in awe of what your cake designer has created, your cake wishes come to life in full and resplendent glory – just waiting for that big moment when the two of you cut the first piece of wedding cake and feed it to one another in one of the most symbolic wedding rituals of all time.

No doubt you’ve looked at plenty of wedding cake images on Pinterest and browsed your NJ wedding cake baker’s gallery to help you choose from the most beautiful cake designs, so to help you with your wedding cake plans, here are the top trends in wedding cakes for 2015:

  • Ruffled cakes. The design of the cake’s frosting looks like ruffled fabric, which can match the design of your wedding dress. It’s fashion-forward and romantic, a soft and flowing cake design, tying into the top wedding cake trend of using an element from your wedding dress and building your cake design from that.
  • Lace cake accents. Again, tying into your wedding dress design, especially given the top wedding trend of lace overall, this cake trend incorporates such details as Brush Embroidery, a royal icing technique that creates a textured lace finish; to Appliqued Lace, in which the cake baker applies individually-molded sugar pieces in lace designs directly to a fondant-covered cake. A wedding cake’s lace designs can be draped, fit, or used as a border for the effect of a lace overlay on your cake.
  • Damask cake accents. The damask pattern is big for wedding cakes, as well as big for wedding invitations and table linens, adding a dash of pattern and texture to the pretty colors of all thing weddings in 2015.
  • Vintage cakes. A top wedding trend for 2015 is vintage accents, and in this wedding cake trend, cakes are soft-shaded in pastels or ivory colors, include lace and brocade, and subtle pattern layers, plus delicate flower accents to look like a cake from ages ago, timeless and romantic. Icing pearls complete the vintage wedding cake style.
  • Blinged-out cakes. Add a sparkling, jewel brooch to the front of a cake, or a shimmering layer wrap to the tiers of your cake, for a modern, sparkling cake trend look.
  • Tall cakes. Wedding couples in NJ have gone back to larger, more dramatic wedding cakes, preferring the look of these to those smaller wedding cakes of years past, evident to all that they were chosen on a budget. Now, wedding cakes are multi-layered, tall and impressive, at five or six tiers high, if not more, for a bigger focal point in your wedding ballroom.
  • Multiple cakes. In place of one tall wedding cake, you may create a wedding cake display consisting of multiple coordinating wedding cakes set on a grand cake table and perhaps surrounded by mini cakes, sweets, and florals. This creates a cake buffet look, impressive to guests and also letting you offer multiple cake flavors if you wish.
  • Buttercream frosting. While fondant-covered cakes will still be around in 2015, the big trend is a return to soft and tasty buttercream frosting, made in classic buttercream flavor, or in a buttercream blend flavor, like lemon buttercream, berry buttercream, rum buttercream and chocolate buttercream, among other popular cake flavors for 2015.
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