Trends in Wedding Videos

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Trends In Wedding Videos

Wedding Video Trends

Wedding videos have never been more beautiful and stylized, thanks to the talent of our top wedding videographers in New Jersey. While your wedding video style will have a lot to do with the creation of your footage – you may prefer classic footage, or you may prefer footage with more of a sense of humor – one main rule exists: you want to capture everything about your Big Day, from the ceremony to the reception ballroom to the scenery to the food and décor.

Here are the top trends in wedding videos this year:

  • Open with a montage of highlights. Your wedding videographer will start off your video with elegantly-edited footage of your arrival, your ceremony, your reception – the big moments of your wedding celebration. This montage will have a wonderful soundtrack chosen by you, most often something instrumental to set the scene.
  • Titles are created in beautiful fonts, just as you see with wedding invitations. Your names and wedding date, and the titles of each ‘chapter’ in your video will be shown in gorgeous wording for a more perfect presentation.
  • The montage of your childhood photos is now more often left off of this video, and saved for a separate video presentation. More of our New Jersey wedding couples and New York wedding couples choose to open their reception with a brief video presentation shown by their wedding entertainers on a big screen, adding an element of sweetness to the very start of your celebration.
  • Wedding viodeographers capture the big moments, but they’re also very attuned to capturing those golden moments between you and your parents, best friends and especially between the bride and groom. They’re aiming at the look in your groom’s eye when he first sees you appear at the ceremony, the way you look at each other during the ceremony and at the reception, your father’s teary-eyed approach for your dance, and more. Since it’s footage of your relatives and friends sharing your day that makes your wedding extra-special, wedding videographers seek to imbue your video with these amazing expressions and interactions that you’ll appreciate later, when viewing your wedding video and seeing those little things you missed.
  • Wedding videographers are using special effects very subtly, not going overboard with transitions from color to black-and-white too often, not adding in strobe light effects or other features. They use only the perfect special effects, such as your bouquet in color in a black-and-white scene, with the ‘less is more’ philosophy adding timeless elegance to your footage.
  • Wedding video length is most often 20 minutes for the edited video…which makes for more pleasurable viewing. And you can also ask for a copy of the ‘raw footage’ capturing everything in the five to seven hours of your day, if you wish to watch that as well.
  • Video interviews with guests are being skipped in favor of candid photos of guests dancing or mingling during the cocktail hour. Those interviews are most often stilted and awkward, repetitive and cliché, so they’re now being left off of the official wedding video.
  • Wedding details are the new Must for your video. Ask your wedding videographer to capture such details as:
    • Sweeping panoramic views of your wedding venue and wedding gardens to capture the scene, seasonal colors and wedding décor.
    • Sweeping panoramas of your cocktail hour buffet and stations, to capture forever how beautiful the gourmet wedding menu was.
    • Sweeping panoramas of your wedding cake and desserts table.
    • Close-ups of the wedding guest place cards.
    • Close-ups of your wedding flowers.
    • Footage of special guests dancing. Not just crowd shots, but special guest couples dancing beautifully, as well as your friends dancing to the faster music later in the night.
    • Candid interactions between bride and groom.
    • Candid interactions between the bride, groom and child guests.
    • And more.
  • The video is organized into chapters, so you can click on, say, the Reception segment of your video without having to fast-forward to it.
  • With group choreographed wedding dances still occurring at weddings, this performance may be put in its own ‘chapter’ on the video.
  • A blooper reel is added for fun to the end of the wedding video, capturing funny moments as you’re getting ready, if anything funny happens during your ceremony (such as you leaning in to kiss your groom before it’s time,) and more.

Your wedding video is yours to create, so talk to your wedding videographer about how your wedding site’s layout can present opportunities for amazing video footage, such as in the wedding venue gardens and more.

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